Am I Here or Not?

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Well, well, they were supposed to fix our problem yesterday; but whatever they did, they killed our internet access. Killed it dead.

So we called again today, and this time the promise was that our access would be restored this afternoon or early in the evening.

If this post gets published, does that mean it’s fixed?

We have learned not to expect people to do the things they say they’re going to do.

Meanwhile, this business has made a shambles of this blog, just about a smoking ruin. Viewership is now dropped back down to 2015 levels. All that work undone!

Wonder how long it’ll take to build it up again.

9 comments on “Am I Here or Not?

    1. It’s going in and out of access again, extraordinarily frustrating.
      Couldn’t even write Oy, Rodney yesterday. Took me over an hour to get two sentences together–and then the thing conked out for good.

  1. Do you suppose Black Rodney is behind all of this? Or does it have something to do with the vicar’s wading pool?

    Whatever it is, you know we’ll be here for you whenever the Verizon goblins let you through. 🙂 We’re all a kind of family now.

  2. Yes, I have been watching for you today whenever I have had an opportunity. I’ll keep watching all the time. I’ll be here unless I croak.

  3. Readership will come back. I have no doubt. Right now, a lot of article sites I subscribe to have lost comments, and there is an increase in post rejections by Facebook and Twitter. The ones doing the best at the moment are on video – YouTube. They make thousands a month, including audios without video. FYI.

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