‘Ridin’ with Biden’?

I'm Ridin' With Biden | Joe Biden | Know Your Meme

Someone sent us this on Facebook last night. Can you think of anything more pathetic?

Really, the slogan ought to be “Hidin’ with Biden,” to capture the essence of him hiding in his basement. “We are dedicated to making Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States.” Hair-raising.

Then again, if you like rioting, race hustling, sweetheart deals with China, dirty dealings in Rumania, and total Far Left Crazy every hour of every day–well, this has got to be your guy.

How we could have sunk to this…

6 comments on “‘Ridin’ with Biden’?

  1. I think this pic was cropped. There’s a steep cliff right in front of him. As soon as I stop practicing my push ups, i’ll begin practicing my push downs.

    1. Yes, neither can I. But what kind of people would be democrats today? There was Romney and Bush and the RINOS in Congress. It’s only a matter of time when the only candidates will be a globalist puppet – or a foreign globalist itself. In fact, outside of Trump, everyone running against him is an anti-American traitor. The handful of conservatives in Congress are just tokens. Goes to show how much damage immigration, illegal and unconstitutionally legal, can do to a country, especially one with too many other problems of its own. Sometimes I feel like prophecy is closing in on us…

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