Still Not Fixed!

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Well, I’ve just spent 30 minutes yelling (literally) at some Verizon schmendrick who couldn’t tell me when I’d have internet access.

See, as soon as I got home from the doctor’s, our %$#@$ internet immediately began going in and out again, totally frustrating my ability to work and driving me flat-out crazy. I mean, where’s my hatchet? Where’s my shotgun?

Anyway, the guy said they’re having “a major cable problem” and he don’t know when it’s gonna be fixed, maybe by 8:00 tonight–but that’s a really big maybe.

And now I’d better stop before the accursed thing conks out again.

7 comments on “Still Not Fixed!

  1. Oh, I’m sorry. I hear your frustration. We went through similar problems for weeks, and I finally gave up and got a different provider. So far, pretty good, but not really perfect. I’m afraid we are going to experience problems of many kinds before this whole thing comes to a close. I try to remind myself that the most important thing we can do is make sure we are ready to meet the Lord and then we can forget this messed up world. Meantime, try to keep our heads on straight through all this madness.

  2. That’s a bit scary. Considering the degree to which businesses rely on the Internet, this could be hurting a lot of people. Have they said, is this local, statewide, regional, or ???

    1. They didn’t, but from what we’ve read, this is happening all over the country.
      This has got to be killing businesses. It’s doing a hard number on my blog.

  3. Your hatchet and shotgun squawks remind me of a bit of Xerox art (remember those?) that went around during the early days of computers: A duck in a bad temper, with a giant mallet reared back over his head, about to crash it down on a computer keyboard, with the caption, “Hit Any Key To Continue.” Remember that one? It often comes to mind when my own system goes bananas.

    For Josh and Lydia: That was in the Olden Days of DOS, when there was no mouse and everything worked from a keyboard. 🙂

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