My Royalties (Oh, Boy)

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Well, that little medical adventure cost me two hours out of this morning. They want you to do eye tests with your stupid mask on, fogging up your glasses. Most informative.

Meanwhile, I got my royalty statement yesterday. I am now the Crown Prince of Bazukaburg.

No, no, not that kind of royalty. This is the report on how many of my books were sold during the last quarter.

I can safely say I have sold more books than people who haven’t written any.

And there goes the $%$#@# internet crapping out again!

3 comments on “My Royalties (Oh, Boy)

  1. Sounds like a somewhat crotchety day all around. (That’s it — the day is crotchety, not you.) 🙂

    I recently canceled my own annual eye checkup when I found out that I’d have to have a mask on during the whole thing, plus have my temperature taken when I came in, plus get slathered in hand sanitizer, plus who knows what other indignities. Unfortunately, before I could make an appointment with another eye doctor who didn’t require masks, the mayor and governor both checked in with their own masking mandates. So I’ll wait another year for my exam, hoping the madness will die down after the election in November.

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