Lying to the Pollsters

The Polls Are Probably Exaggerating Biden's Lead | Washington Monthly

The polls are rigged. Ignore them.

Every day we’re bombarded with opinion polls. We already know that the nooze organizations that run the polls want them to give results highly favorable to their beloved Democrat Party. So they rig the polls. They cheat.

But even if they weren’t loading the polls to favor Democrats, an important study by the Environmental Voter Project has discovered something that shouldn’t surprise us at all (

People lie to pollsters. Indeed, 78 percent “over-reported their actual voting histories,” mostly because they’re ashamed to admit they often fail to vote. Moreover, the study found, “respondents answer in a way they think will be viewed favorably by others.”

Ya think?

Other reasons for people to lie to pollsters spring immediately to mind. Maybe they’re afraid a “wrong” answer will somehow be punished. Maybe they know the pollsters want a certain kind of answer and so they might as well give it to them.

Meanwhile, polls have evolved from a not very reliable means of trying to predict the outcome of an election… to an effort to influence that outcome. Hence we get treated to nonsense like Biden beating Trump by 15 points, Hillary Clinton has a 99% chance of winning, and, lately, a weird finding that most Americans now believe their country is a racist country. Which merely reflects what people have every reason to suspect is “the right answer” which you’d better give or else.

So we shouldn’t pay attention to the polls. Neither the pollsters nor the people they poll are being honest.

Don’t reward the corrupt, dishonest nooze media by allowing Democrats to be elected.

For Democrats read Far Left Crazy socialist tyrants in waiting.

You’d think their actions during the coronavirus panic would have surely taught us that.

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