‘An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose’ (2015)

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How crazy is it getting out there? Well, in 2015, this crazy:

An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose

Not only do you have intensely disturbed people wanting perfectly healthy limbs lopped off so they can be disabled, but you have 100% ethics-free doctors obliging them and even more immoral “philosophers” trying to make the whole thing sound peachy.

This hasn’t quite caught on like transgender lunacy, although it’s almost the same thing.

I wonder how long it’ll take Democrats to come around to making it mandatory.

2 comments on “‘An All-New Perversion! Become Disabled on Purpose’ (2015)

  1. Anyone who wants to become “disabled on purpose” is already morally and mentally disabled. I’d like to hear stories of those who became “disabled on purpose,” got caught, had to pay back the money, were put on an application database marked “Reject”, and then become disabled. I guess I can be just as nasty as the next person, especially when we’re paying for it.

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