‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

This sounds just like Sunday school–piano, congregation, and Bringing in the Sheaves, back when everybody knew what sheaves were. I like this Burl Ives version best.

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    1. When I was a boy, this part of New Jersey was full of farms. When we wanted corn on the cob, I got on my bike and only had to pedal for 10 minutes to reach the nearest far.
      Now the farms are gone, every single one of them, paved over by Democrats who called it “progress.”
      Because food, after all, “just is…”

    2. Oh, please! Of course we had grocery stores! But there’s nothing like corn on the cob that was picked just 15 minutes ago. Well, maybe fresh blueberries just bursting with flavor. Besides, some of these farms were dairy farms. You could walk just half a dozen blocks from my house and wind up saying hello to the cows.

      All gone, all paved over.

  1. There is a teaching in Scripture about sheaves, and I wrote a teaching on it. The sheaves offering in Torah has been fulfilled by the Lord at His resurrection and later, and one still to be fulfilled.

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