Win a Vintage Horror Novel Cover

I just found a stack of these covers from my antique horror novel, Mind Stealer, published by Pinnacle Books in 1990. These covers include the back cover, too, so you can read the blurb written by some monkey who never read the blinkin’ thing.

Anyway, these are in mint condition and I don’t write stuff like this anymore, so you might say they were a collector’s item. And you can win one! Just send in Comment No. 64,000…

Or else write a convincing reason, in 25 words or less, why you want this item. Best reason wins!

8 comments on “Win a Vintage Horror Novel Cover

    1. It was about a management training program that relied on black magic and humiliation, which the hero fights with the aid of an Australian aboriginal shaman… who likes rubber fishing worms.

    1. The prize is just the cover. It doesn’t have a book inside it. New York publishers always send you a bunch of covers. I framed mine.

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