Are You Getting Your E-Mail Notifications?

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According to WordPress, I have almost 1,600 followers. And yet my views here are down 100-120 a day from what they were two months ago. What gives?

Well, today someone told us that she’d received an email notification of a new post–for the first time in months.

Gee, that would answer the question, “Where did everybody go?” If they’re not getting their email notifications of new posts, they won’t know there are new posts and won’t visit the blog.

Hello out there! Are you getting your email notifications whenever there’s a new post?

WordPress also needs to restore my reblog function, which hasn’t worked in other a month.

It’s very hard to make progress when your support lets you down.

7 comments on “Are You Getting Your E-Mail Notifications?

  1. I’m getting the notifications okay — but every now and then the notification for a post includes a reblog notification as well, complete with link to the original. Just now I got a reblog to “Unashamed of Jesus” along with the notification of the hymn “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Gremlins. That’s what it is: gremlins.

    1. The WordPress engineers are still working on it. Several readers (not you) have recently complained about not getting their notifications. That problem seems to go away if they re-subscribe, but I’m not sure there’s a real connection there.
      All I know is that my view numbers have been cut by over 100 a day.

  2. When your internet went down I never heard from your blog again. I kept re-subscribing and finally I was back and all was okay. But now if I post a comment, then add a reply to what someone else has posted, it won’t post it. So just one comment per post – for now, anyway.

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