Wild Weather

PHOTOS: Cape Cod Storm Damage – CBS Boston

Well, that tropical storm is now visiting us here in New Jersey, and it’s a lulu.

I found a sheltered spot outside where I could have my cigar and watch the storm, but had to cut it short. Big branches were breaking off the trees and coming down all over. Patty’s car is now surrounded by tree wreckage, but happily has suffered no direct hits so far. Please pray it doesn’t!

The wind is simply furious, there’s going to be quite a mess to clean up later. Our lights have been flickering: please pray they don’t go out altogether.

Somehow I’m supposed to write a Newswithviews column. Lots of luck with that.

14 comments on “Wild Weather

  1. Wow! It was a hurricane last night here were we are. Just some rain and wind. No power outage.
    Sounds like it’s worse being a tropical storm. Stay safe!

  2. Praying for you. We had one of those near here a short time ago. Now there are forest fires everywhere. We are now having a heat wave most days. Fun, huh?

  3. Tucson has its first serious monsoon, about three weeks ago. Trees were broken and there were some power outages. While it is a desert area, it is also home to all sorts of lightning and rain storms that can get very violent. Nothing like what you experienced today, however.

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