Cats & Dogs & Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?

I think it’s so funny when a cat steals a dog’s bed and then completely ignores the dog’s best efforts to get it back. I’m sure they do that just to drive the poor dogs crazy.

But there are still a few dogs smart enough to figure out that if they sit on the cat, the cat’ll go away.

One comment on “Cats & Dogs & Whose Bed Is It, Anyway?”

  1. Cats, even the sweetest of cats, love to jerk the chains of others. My cat does it, even though she’s about as affectionate as a cat can be. The cat I used to have would always be in my spot the second I vacated my chair, bed, what-have-you. I’m sure they enjoy doing likewise to dogs; after all they must exert their superiority every so often. Strangely, for all the swats and hisses, I think it’s all meant as play.

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