Home of the Brave? Not Anymore

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In case you missed it last month, a national survey by the Cato Institute found that 62% of all Americans are afraid to say what they believe.


Some 52% of Democrats, 59% of independents, and a whopping 77% of Republicans are afraid to let their opinions be known, for fear that they’ll lose their jobs, lose promotion, lose their friends, get sued, etc., etc.

The only group not afraid to air their political opinions is “strong liberals” (58%). Well, why should they be afraid? What university, what bank, what nooze media, what social media is going to chide you for being Far Left Crazy?

Fifty percent of libs say persons who donate to President Donald Trump should be fired from their jobs. Thirty-six percent of conservatives say Biden donors should be canned. Personally, I think Biden donors should at least have their heads examined, and maybe get an exorcism while they’re at it. But it seems not only unjust but even outre to strip someone of his livelihood because you don’t agree with his politics.

We know the Democrats are out to get us, out to erase every freedom but the freedom to fornicate, out to throw you into jail for such inanities as “misgendering” or “climate change denial.” It looks like their extremism is getting contagious. Well, that’s not so surprising, is it?

This could get a lot worse before it gets better.

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