Here Goes Nothin’…

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This blog is supposed to get a whole new look today. I have left it entirely in the hands of Jill at Chalcedon HQ. I don’t know how much time she’ll need to do it, and I don’t know what it’ll look like when she’s done.

To me it feels like diving into a pool blindfolded. (Ignore the woman in the picture above: if you look closely, you’ll see she’s cheating.) You saw it filled with water a minute ago, you expect it to be full of water now–but you don’t know for sure until after you jump off the board.

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to post our customary critter video this evening. It’ll be three hours earlier for Jill, she may still be working on it.

Pray it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster. The whole month of July was a disaster for this blog; we don’t need another one.

18 comments on “Here Goes Nothin’…

  1. FWIW, starting yesterday, I can’t open your blog on my iPad. I tried clearing site info in the Safari browser, but still no dice. if more people are having that problem, that could really erode your numbers.

  2. It’s always an adventure to see what WordPress will do next. For a while it was saving my name in the comments section, and then it wasn’t, and then it was again as long as I had the “save my name” box checked. And now it isn’t again. Who knows what it will do next? (“Only the Shadow knows.”)

    1. Likewise, Their authentication and authorization has become very poor. I’m surprised that WordPress has not suffered a mass exodus.

  3. And I just received a message from Microsoft that the next time I restart, a newer version of Windows 10 will be installed. If I don’t show up here for a while, you’ll know why. Ain’t technology grand?

    1. Do any of these imposed changes ever work out for the better? I am sure every one of them has gummed up my work one way or another.

    2. Well, here I am again, so the update didn’t do too much damage, at least on the restart — except for temporarily losing my cursor. Right now I don’t see much difference except that things seem to be loading more slowly than usual. But we’ll see what happens tomorrow when I do a cold startup.

  4. What fun for all, eh? One problem after another. All these conveniences are making it very inconvenient.

    1. Jill’s working on it now. My home page is a construction site–that is, a mess. I wonder if she’ll finish tonight.

  5. Well, it looks a lot better this morning than it did last night. Let’s keep our fingers crossed — although that makes typing kind of difficult.

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