Is It Workin’ Now?

See the source image

It looks like Jill has successfully revamped the blog so that everything will work–although I did try to reblog “Unashamed of Jesus” as a test, and again it disappeared somewhere between his page and mine.

But everything else looks A-OK!

Of course, that’s from my end. How does it look to you? I hope this new “theme” (I can’t define that term, it’s computer talk) results in everybody getting their notifications and all comments coming through as they should.

Let me know if you see any improvement.

20 comments on “Is It Workin’ Now?

    1. It’s the same image I’ve had all along, but now it’s a close-up.
      It’s a girl who looks exactly like Ellayne in “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar.”

    2. Oh, dear! I’m looking at it on my phone, now, and most of the header can’t be seen! The text is all squished to one side by the “back to top” Arrow’s column. I had to go back to my own notifications to reply.

    3. I hate to say it, but I’m having the same problem on my phone. All squished to the left side, header graphic chopped off on both sides (all I can see of Elayne is her hair), and some comments, especially indented replies, only two or three words per line. My phone is an Android, by the way, if that info will help Jill.

      On my computer, though, the new theme sure looks snazzy.

    4. ReFarmer made some screenshots of the problem, she has the same problem on her phone as you do, and I have forwarded them to Jill because I’m useless when it comes to tech stuff.

  1. It looks good this morning — but I’m still getting the reblogs only in the notification emails and not in the actual posts, and my name still isn’t being saved in the comments section even though I have the “save my name” box checked. Oh, well. At least the posts and comments are easy to read.

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