‘Stupid Masterminds!’ (2012)

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Prof. Moriarty, as captured in Strand Magazine

It’s pretty much a ghost town here this morning, with zero comments and just three likes, and one reader sort of standing in the empty street wondering where everybody went. Oh, well… We have not yet recovered from July.

Meanwhile, why are our real-life villains so stupid compared to fictional villains?

Stupid Masterminds!

And this was written years before anybody thought we ought to have a senile Joe Biden for our president and a Green New Deal to murder our economy–just in case any of it survives the coronavirus panic. Our villains hatch schemes that are guaranteed to fail!

But at least they all get rich, doing it. No one comes home poor from Capitol Hill.

4 comments on “‘Stupid Masterminds!’ (2012)

  1. There used to be a saying, “Crazy like a fox.” I think many of today’s villains aren’t necessarily stupid themselves but count on the people they’re enslaving to be stupid.

  2. Sleepy Joe Biden introduced his runny mate to the country today by telling lie after lie – I’m talking bold-faced lies. But then again, Joe isn’t really telling them, he is just reading the script on the teleprompter someone else has written for him. One can list page after page of accomplishments of Donald Trump but Joe Biden’s one page of accomplishments is blank.

    1. I’m sure “runny mate” was a typo, probably thanks to the very misnamed autocorrect, but it’s a good description of the candidate nevertheless. 🙂 🙂

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