The Hypocrites’ Mt. Rushmore

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If there was a Mt. Rushmore for hypocrites, who would be on it? The example above shows famous communists: all claimed to be benefactors of the human race, and all were bloodthirsty predators.

If you were setting up a Hypocrites’ Mt. Rushmore, whose portraits would you use? Let me start the ball rolling with my nominations: Obama, Kerry, John Lennon, and Al Gore.

Others will surely spring to mind. But I can hardly wait to see who the readers nominate.

6 comments on “The Hypocrites’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. The faces of all the politicians and celebrities who’ve traveled by private jets to “climate change” conferences would fill up more than the entire Black Hills, so how about a private jet etched with the words “Ban Fossil Fuels”?

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