What Motivates the Riot Party?

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I’d like to know why the Democrat Party has transformed itself into the Riot Party. Something must motivate them to be the Riot Party. I’m trying to figure out what it could be.

*They are convinced that all this civil unrest will be blamed on President Donald Trump, and the voters will turn to them to stop it. How, exactly, do they get this blamed on Trump? And I don’t know about that argument, “Give me what I want and I’ll stop vandalizing your car.” And what if the Riot Party is wrong in thinking the riots will stop when they say “Stop”?

*They’re already convinced they’re toast, and just want to take down as much of America as they can. Maybe if the country collapses into civil disorder, they’ll have another chance to take it over. If there’s enough chaos, a lot of them won’t have to worry about being tried and sent to prison. Or maybe they’re just so mad at the American people, they can’t see straight: all they can do is lash out.

There are probably other motivations that are just as possible as these. We are trying to read the mind of the Riot Party, no easy task for normal people.

What do you think? What makes the Riot Party tick?

Here’s your chance to light up the blog with your own theory!

12 comments on “What Motivates the Riot Party?

  1. I think your second theory is closest to the truth. Dictators use chaos in order to take control. Then they throw away the useful idiots who have created the chaos for them.

  2. There are probably many motivations at work, and part of it is so they can blame Trump. If he doesn’t do anything they can say he’s inept because he can’t stop it. And if he does something, they can say he’s a dictator. I think they want to ferment as much chaos as possible so that sleepy Joe seems like the better option. Also, they have the same ideology as the rioters. The Democrat party has been taken over by the radical left and they are incapable of making sane rational decisions. If what they do doesn’t make sense, it’s because their crazy. But I think it’s having the opposite effect. If anything all this chaos is pushing people into Trump’s corner.

  3. I struggle with this all the time. Why are the the Dems complicit in ignoring it? It’s like finding out one your family members has done something awful and you have a hard time believing it. How can fellow Americans be so against their own country? Bottom line, it is the devil’s work using the sons of disobedience to his advantage. Thank God for out victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!!

    1. They’ve followed a long, dark road to get to this point. I pray this election puts the Democrat Party out of business forever.

  4. PsychoPelosi just put out a video telling her street armies to “mobilize” which they have as Antifa and BLM just increased their arms to the gill. The Democrats have placed not only themselves, but their “dark triad” infected marxist anarchists, above the law. Antifa, BLM now showing up ARMED to violent “protests” – 8/25/20 Ethan Huff
    Signaling virtuous victimhood as indicators of Dark Triad personalities.
    Ok, E., Qian, Y., Strejcek, B., & Aquino, K. (2020). Signaling virtuous victimhood as indicators of Dark Triad personalities. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1037/pspp0000329

    1. Democrats and their liberal puppets believe violence is peaceful. Evil for good.

    2. The “Big Lie” theory (“Tell a lie big enough and often enough, and people will come to believe it”) eventually works on the liar as well. Having told the lie so often and so forcefully, the liar makes it part of his own identity and MUST believe it or lose his identity.

      An old friend of mine, a psychologist, used to see this in fake veterans who’d based their identities (and VA benefits) on war-trauma stories and atrocity stories that could easily be disproved by checking their military records — and some didn’t have any military records, but only made-up stories about secret missions or record-storage fires. In one case, the patient kept claiming to have been in a Special Forces unit that my friend had been in himself, and at the same time and place as my friend. No matter how many times my friend pointed out the fact that he’d been there at that time, in that unit, and knew that the patient hadn’t been there, the patient kept insisting that he’d been there and my friend must be mistaken. It’s possible that the patient could just have been staking everything on a bluff, but my friend says that by all the usual tests, the patient had really convinced himself that he’d been there. (His records said otherwise, of course, but he had the usual excuses for that, too.)

      When we lie to others long enough, we come to believe the lie. Some people can never come back to the truth.

    3. Yes! I’m sure Nancy Pelosi definitely believes the outrageous lies she spews so vehemently.
      And Biden has convinced himself that what he plagiarized really belongs to him. Of course, these delusions are systemic among the left.

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