Mindless ‘Rules’ Are Insulting

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Just another day at the governor’s mansion

I ran out of cigars and had to go to Rite-Aid.

The clerk asked for my ID, to prove I was over 18. “Do you see these hairs?” I said. I have a lot of grey showing. “Do you honestly believe I might be under 18?”

“Well, it’s the rules.”

“These cigars are a legal product. I have a right to buy them. How come I don’t have to show ID if I buy anything else in the store?”

“Yeah, but y’know, it’s the rules.”

“Your rules are mindless, stupid, and insulting.”

“Let me get the manager.”

At that point I decided not to waste any more time, and just showed the guy my driver’s license. The goons at the top wouldn’t care if I gave the poor clerk a hard time. But I didn’t like the feeling that I wasn’t as free as I thought.

There are too many people at the top who need to spend some time at the bottom.

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  1. G. Gordon Liddy wrote a book called “When I was a Kid, This Was a Free Country”. How right he was.

  2. Well, we thought it was free, but considering all that is happening, reading the “side” history I don’t think we were as free as we thought. I think the whole system was developing, but slowly enough so that it was not as apparent as it is now. Seems politics and “business” have been in play all along.

  3. I’m 78 years old. Last week I bought some wine at Kroger for cooking. The checkout clerk asked to see my ID. I said “I’m 78 years old. Can’t you tell?” He said, “I’m sorry [and he actually did sound embarrassed and sorry]; we have to card everyone for these purchases.” I rolled my eyes and showed him my driver’s license, and then I said, “I suppose I should be flattered, right?” He obviously didn’t know whether he was supposed to smile — but it didn’t matter, because he was wearing the useless and degrading mask anyway.

    How did the United States of America get to this point?

  4. How about wearing a mask inside a restaurant, walking a few feet to your table, then take off your mask to order food and eat it, then put on a mask to walk a few feet to leave the building. Is this stupid or what!!

    1. I actually have to do the same thing at my dentist’s office — put on the mask to walk in, take off mask to sit in the dentist’s chair, put the mask back on to walk out.

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