Washington Post: Lower COVID-19 Death Toll ‘a Conspiracy Theory’

Joe Biden Plays 'Make-Believe' President, Lays Out Coronavirus Plan |  93.1FM WIBC

“It’s gonna be a real BIG mandate!”

Did you ever doubt that liberals were rooting for the Wuhan Doomsday Virus? Just like they rooted for a recession.

Well, now the arch-left Washington Post is complaining that the Center for Disease Control is conspiring with President Donald Trump to make people think the COVID-19 crisis is over and we can all go back to living like human beings. And so the release of startling new information by the CDC–to wit, that there have been only 9,000 deaths due to COVID alone, not 180,000–has got WaPo crying “Foul!”

No, I don’t have a link, you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. The Post has a pay wall so you can’t read their articles unless you pay. Like paying Chicken Little to cry “The sky is falling!” Anyhow, the search page told me enough to get the gist of it.

So suddenly Trump and the CDC are plotting together? Suddenly they’re friends and co-conspirators? And, uh, what do they gain by doing this? And where’s the evidence?

Shut up, the Post explained.

Democrats do not want the pandemic to end. Ever. I don’t think they want the riots to stop, either. Their only hope of getting back into power is via the catapult of chaos. Plus cheating. Meanwhile, they are passionately enjoying the compulsory mask-wearing, social distancing, shutting down churches, and all the rest of the fun that they’ve been having. Dude, you haven’t lived until you’ve handed down a mandate! Their presidential candidate, the re-animated body of Joe Biden (who died in 2017), has promised, if elected, to impose a nationwide all-the-time mandate requiring the wearin’ o’ the mask. I guess it’s a form of diversity. So if you’re out there in the middle of a trout stream in Montana, all by yourself, Joe the Schmo says you still gotta wear a mask.

Those new low COVID numbers are a shock to them.


12 comments on “Washington Post: Lower COVID-19 Death Toll ‘a Conspiracy Theory’

  1. Democrats love the newfound powers Covid has given them. They will not want to give that up for anything in the world.

    1. They won’t acknowledge it. No one likes to have it be known that he was played for a sucker. The WaPo is leading the way to calling it a conspiracy with Trump, and others will follow. Finally the CDC will feel itself under so much pressure – from the left and from all the people who’ve staked their identities on their fears – that it will walk back its conclusions, even if it can’t walk back the facts.

  2. In Sleepy Joe’s big 12 minute message Monday, which was all lies (and taking no questions from the Press) he threatened more violent riots if Trump wins. His side-kick, Kamala Harris, promised the riots are going to continue after the election. Gee, I really want to vote for them. The DNC also said 90% of those tested positive for the Wuhan Virus do not have enough of it to make them sick or to give it to others. Take off the masks and get back to your jobs, and make America great again.

    1. They can always claim that they weren’t “inciting” but only “predicting.” I think only Maxine Waters has actually told people to drive conservatives out from wherever they’re found. Even when Kamala Harris (for example) refers to the riots as “good,” she can claim that she wasn’t telling them to do more, but only commenting on what they’d already done. And if you can ever pin down one of them as actually having urged the rioters to keep rioting, they always claim that you’re taking their words “out of context.”

      They really are accomplished mobsters (pun intended). “Nice little country you have here. Shame if anything would ever happen to it. … Hey, I wasn’t threatening. I was only commenting, showing my appreciation of all you’ve done.”

    2. Oops, I take that back. I forgot about Kamala Harris’s interview in which she said of the riots, “They are not going to let up. And they should not.” Okay, she’s guilty as charged — but, unfortunately, not legally charged. And she’ll probably say that her words were taken out of context. Or, more likely, she’ll just laugh her cackling laugh and keep repeating, “It was an interview! [cackle cackle] It was an interview!”

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