I Don’t Want to Write About the Nooze Today

Fires blaze on the streets of Barcelona during night of rioting by Catalan  separatists

I am just plain stuck. I feel a need to generate more blog posts, trying to pump up my viewership–and nothing comes to mind.

The thing is, there’s no nooze out there but bad nooze. Our country is a mess. We now have a Riot Party, and they want to take over. Probably by mail-in “voting.” Our professional sports leagues have sold out, 100%, to Only Black Lives Matter. Hey! When are the Biden voters going to show up in your neighborhood–and burn it down? Is Portland, Oregon, the symbol of our country’s future–if you want to call it a future?

And the hands of the clock plod inexorably forward.

Inner voice: “Shut up and pray.”

I guess I’ll try it.

12 comments on “I Don’t Want to Write About the Nooze Today

  1. Not a pleasant thought, really, but I firmly believe we are in the beginning of the birth pangs leading up to Daniel’s 70th week, and I believe we will experience increasingly horrific trials until the portion of the tribulation called “Day of the Lord wrath” at the 7th Trumpet. I know there are many who believe we will
    be “out of here” before all that begins, but I don’t think so. We need to put on our armor and more than ever before, obey II Chronicles 7:14.

    1. I agree. What is happening now is characteristically different from anything I am aware of. Europe is not the culture it used to be; not even close. The world is different, with threats unimagined just a couple of decades ago. There are rogue states seeking nuclear weapons and a Chinese government that has become quite hostile to the West. If this is not a step towards Christ’s return, I’d be very surprised. The reason is that there is no longer a way out of this. It brings to mind Luke 21:25 “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves”.

      Amen, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  2. amen. we will have to prepare to be strong. We will be challenged more and more as time goes by. Unfortunately, the “great apostasy” is coming.

    1. That Great Apostasy seems to be shaping rapidly. Many mainstream churches have given into social pressure and allowed their teachings to be shaped by human opinion. Generations of people steeped in moral relativism allow, and even welcome these changes. It is quite possible, in these days, to be part of a church organization that calls itself Christian, but does not teach in accordance with scripture. But our status as a Christian is not measured by our standing in a man-made organization.

  3. Print the good news – Trump sends National Guard into Kenosha, Wisc. and the riots stop, and Trump even visited the site of the riots in person today! He did the same in Minneapolis in stopping the riots. The NBA playoff viewership is off 40%, and so is viewership in the other pro sporting events. The polls favoring Biden over Trump are imploding. And Biden said he is against fracking and Trump is lying about him being for fracking when he has said over and over he would stop fraclog when President – the man is toast in November.

    1. Interesting news. In the long run, evil does not succeed, but it sure can cause problems in the short term. I don’t think that the average person has much use for what is going on these days. Riots, arson, shootings, and hatred of our nation may get a lot of press coverage, but it has little to do with the mood of the nation as a whole. Most people just want to get back to work.

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