‘Teacher to 7th Graders: “Deny God or Fail”‘ (2015)

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Do you think public schools have gotten a lot better since 2015? Do you think teachers’ unions have toned down their radicalism?

Really, you’re a bit old to believe in fairy tales.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

If you think your kids are safe because you live in a red state, think again. The same teacher unions control public education in all 50 states. And their job, as they see it, is to turn children against their country, their families, and their God.

And you pay them for it.

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  1. Teachers of our young wield power over their thought life. The Secular Humanism take over of public schools did not happen overnight, but we can fix it overnight by making all education private – butt out Big Brother & Big Sister.

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