Good Guys Win Again–In California!

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I won’t post pictures of this garbage. Here’s a nice goldfinch instead. (Time to feed the birds!)

If it can be done in California, it can be done anywhere.

All hail dogged, determined parents who would NOT allow their children’s online lessons to be tainted with LGBT propaganda! All hail Mass Resistance (, who provided moral and practical support!

All the smutty toxic sex books were finally removed from the online libraries of California Virtual Academics (–and now they’re trying to find out who brought them into CVA’s library in the first place.

[Look, I find the pictures of this material offensive and disgusting and would rather not post them here. You can see some of them in the Mass Resistance report (click the link above.]

Once again we have to ask: Why does anyone want to steer young children into aberrant sexuality? Are there that many practicing perverts in our education system?

And again we ask this: What finally has to happen before you remove your children from all forms of public school and educate them at home? What will that final insult be? And for how long can we put off taking decisive action?

Parents shouldn’t have to struggle up a corporate ladder, fighting battles at each step, to confront the top villains and by some miracle convince them to stop molesting their children. We are thankful to those who kept at it until they did it.

But really, pulling the children out of public school altogether is the most meaningful and effective action we can take.

We ‘Are’ Maiking Pogres!!!

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Nhow weer’e geting Sumbware!!!!

A big impotent Pole says Haff! the peple in The Party “thinck” thare “is” whey Too Mutch Freedum “going” arownd And “the” guvvermint thay shood (and “I” kwote!) “regrulate And restrick the expretion Of Views considderd Discrimbatory oar ofenssive”” and jist Put a Lidd On “It”!”!”

Heer at Collidge us in “the” Stodent Soviet we has volunteerd to Set Up “a” Speach Cort!!! and enny boddy who Says oar Rites ejectionable Things thay “wil” be Punnishd!!!!!!

No-boddy has no rite To Say Rawng Things!!!!!!! Thare shood awght To Be Speach Corts evvryware! And camras and mikerowe-foans to Wach “and Lissin”!

Nhow “of coarse” The Guvermint whil de-side “waht” Speach it is ofennsive “and” waht Issnt!!!!!! Whaitll Miss Infomasion gets Slaped Down!!!! She woont Know waht “hit” hur!!!

And yiu whil awl See waht A “Grate Contry” thist whil Be wen no-boddy but us thay Are aloud “to” say Things!!!!!!! No Moar Too Mutch Freedum!!!!!!!!

‘Satan’s Not An Evil Guy’—?

[Thanks to Susan for the appalling nooze tip.]

Does your child’s school have an “After-school Satan Club”? Not yet… but this is happening in public schools here and there throughout the country, so don’t be too surprised if your child’s school is next.

Here’s a commercial produced for the After-school Satan Club. “Satan’s Not an Evil Guy.” Oh, heck no. Satan is for “Science”! Oh, yeah–science. And “Truth.” Courtesy of the father of lies. And don’t forget “Fun”! Satan brings kids “fun.”

And see, it’s all just fine because, after all, Satan isn’t real, he’s just an Imaginary Friend who’ll teach us how to live. “And by the way, there is no Hell.” So you don’t have to worry about going there–so just do whatever floats your boat.

Are you okay with this? It’s public education. Teachers’ unions. CRT and “gender reassignment.” Fundamental transformation of America. Honk if you’re on board.

Please remove your kids from public education.

What else can I say?

They Want Your Kids to Eat Bugs

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Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat! I keep on sending my kids to public schools because________.

And don’t ever think your school is a safe place for your kids because you live in a Red state–Utah, for instance. The same teachers’ unions, the same teachers’ colleges, the same Far Left wackos own public education in all 50 states.

In a Utah middle school this week, the, um, “teacher” got her kids to eat bugs ( Why? ‘Cause it’ll Save The Planet! And teacher will give you extra credit! And if you won’t do it… well, go ahead, make their day.

After chowing down on creepy-crawlies, Teacher had the kids write essays about why it’s so good to eat bugs. She told them what to write. All children were required to endorse bug-eating–no other opinion allowed.

Well, you’ve got to admit they’re learning something. “Welcome to your course in How To Knuckle Under To A Dictator!”

Is this more than just disgusting? Is it evil and perverse?

That’s public education!

‘Tell Teacher’ Your Sexual Fantasies!

What You Need to Understand About Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing

I can’t find a suitable illustration for this bilge. Maybe if we head-bob with this lizard hard enough, lunatic schools will disappear.

What kind of blithering idiots are running our public schools?

In Oregon recently parents complained about a high school “curriculum” in which one of the assignments was for the students to write descriptions of their sexual fantasies and hand the essays in to the teacher, who would read them ( Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The assignment specified that students were not to write about “penetration” or oral sex. Supposedly the purpose here was to “show and receive loving physical attention without having sex.” Just another “health” class with the football coach in charge.

(We may want to spare some sympathy for the teacher. Imagine having to read this stuff. You could go mad.)

And get this: the curriculum was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Assn. and the United “Gay is Good” Church of Christ. We are told that despite this, the curriculum is “free of religious doctrine.” Gee, I’ve been saying that about the UUA and the UCC for years. Don’t go looking for religious doctrine there.

I cannot conceive of anything more horrifying than letting anyone’s high school gym teacher (“health” was always taught by gym teachers) read kids’ sexual fantasies. Somehow the school board thought this would be a good idea.

But I know a worse idea than that: leave your kids in public school.

Surprise! Students Use ‘AI’ to Cheat!

Chinese Girl Trains A Robot To Do Her Homework

We are shocked, shocked, that students at Cape Coral High School, Florida–supposedly a school for stellar students–have been accused of having robots write their essays (

Ah, memories! When I graduated from college in 1971, with no desire to sit or stand in classrooms for the rest of my life, I soon discovered that the only damned thing I’d learned how to do was to write term papers. There was no place for me in the labor market. But then someone came along offering, for a fee, to write college students’ term papers for them. I got a job doing that, and prospered–until killjoys in the legislature banned it.

Well, this is the same thing, isn’t it?

“Educators” are scandalized. Pardon me for laughing. How can any leftid fresh out of a teachers’ college possibly tell right from wrong? But this ChatGPT cheating scandal” involving “the fastest-growing app in history” (zzzzzz….) is now going to be fraught with “potentially life-altering consequences” (cue beating drums of doom).

Don’t make me laugh. They steal elections, sterilize children, abort babies–and they’re scandalized by academic cheating??? In the age of Hunter Biden, they’re distressed by bogus term papers?

Yes, we do need revival! The current state of our culture is disgusting! Bring us back to our senses, O God! Bring us back to you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Teaching Kids to be Racists

Cute Caucasian Child Closing Ears Hands Out Stress Despair Autism Stock  Photo by ©Roman_Yanushevsky 235595934

What do you suppose the kiddies are learning from this lesson?

Officials (aka morons) at Centennial Elementary School, in Washington, set up an “affinity group” (give me a break) solely for 5th-graders who are not white ( Yep, it’s for “BIPOC” kids only. According to the school principal.

Do libs speak English anymore? “Affinity group” means “club,” apparently. Where kids can “hang out,” say administrators, during lunch time. It will be a “safe space” for them! Apparently they are not safe when mixing socially with white kids. BIPOC gotta be with BIPOCs.

I thought racial segregation was against the law. Oh, wait–not if liberals do it. Non-white persons are incapable of living their own lives, white libs gotta lead ’em over the crosswalk.

If you still want your kids “educated” by these characters–boy, are you a chucklehead.

“Grandpa, how did America collapse?”

“It was done to us by our public schools and colleges, kid…”

Dumber by the Day

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If America does get done in, erased, wiped out in the near future, no one will be more responsible for that than the nitwits running what we so foolishly describe as “higher education.”

Dumber by the Day

They really are making us dumber by the day, less resourceful, less fit for survival. Is it on purpose, or just sheer incompetence? I’m guessing on purpose. Destruction is the one thing our self-anointed betters are really good at.

O Lord our God, rise up and fight for us! And give us the strength and courage to stand up for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 17 (‘Teachers Caught Making Dirty Movies in Their Classroom’)

Samantha Peer

I don’t remember anything like this happening when I was in school.

Teachers Caught Making Dirty Movies In Their Classroom

Our country is in deep, deep trouble. Every day we send millions of our children to public schools to be “educated” by characters like these. It was only with the Ol’ Pandemic and the lockdowns, and the kids having to get by with “remote learning” at home, that parents got a whiff of what the unionized public school teachers were…uh, “teaching.”

Could we please stop doing all this crazy schiff before the teachers’ unions turn our country into the world’s biggest mental hospital?

The Public School Porn Studio

Samantha Peer

A star is born!

Two middle school teachers in Arizona, a woman and her husband, have been fired for using her classroom as a studio for making pornographic movies ( We are not told who starred in the movies. But we are told they weren’t made during school hours. Honk if you’re relieved to hear that.

So the two pedagogues put their porny movies on line because, she said, they needed the money: “Our family was not able to survive on two teachers’ income.” This is quite simply impossible to believe. Okay, the lowest salary for a middle school teacher in Arizona is $26,000 and change. The highest is just over $91,000 and the average is around $43,000. It’s chicken feed, compared to teachers’ salaries here in New Jersey, but still… they can’t get by on, say, $85,000 a year?

I don’t know about you, but I am sure it would never have occurred to my parents, should they find themselves a little strapped for money, to produce pornographic films, presumably starring themselves, for widespread popular entertainment. “Gee, Mary, I’m havin’ a tough time payin’ these bills!” “I know, John. It looks like we’re going to have to make some pornographic films.” I mean, how many times has that been heard at the dinner table?

Do you want your children “educated” by these people? If you do, please explain why. I’d love to hear it.