Re-Opening Schools Is… Racist?

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They’re red, all right–through and through

They’re trying to get the schools re-opened in Chicago, and the Chicago Teachers Union is suing to prevent it (

When we last heard of the CTU, they’d sent a delegation to Venezuela to praise the dictator and try to learn how to bring his brand of socialism to America. That was just last year (

Current efforts to get children back to school, the Chicago Teachers Union said on its website, are “rooted in sexism, racism, and misogyny.” They have since deleted this statement, it having hinted to the plebs out there that teachers are addled ideologues who shouldn’t be entrusted with “educating” anybody.

Don’t get me wrong: every day kids spend out of public school is a day they won’t be exposed to anti-American ravings and bizarre schemes for societal re-engineering. We believe in Christian homeschooling and Christian schools.

Still… Let’s see… If sending kids back to school to be “taught” by teachers’ union members is sexist and racist… doesn’t that make you wonder about those schools?

One thing we can be sure of: America, the teachers’ unions are definitely not your friend.

‘Teacher to 7th Graders: “Deny God or Fail”‘ (2015)

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Do you think public schools have gotten a lot better since 2015? Do you think teachers’ unions have toned down their radicalism?

Really, you’re a bit old to believe in fairy tales.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

If you think your kids are safe because you live in a red state, think again. The same teacher unions control public education in all 50 states. And their job, as they see it, is to turn children against their country, their families, and their God.

And you pay them for it.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 27 (‘Moral Enhancements–in Your Drinking Water)

I just can’t get over the “ethics” professor’s call for “moral enhancements” to be added to our drinking water.

‘Moral Enhancements’—in Your Drinking Water

And you thought Bob Hope was kidding.

This is where “science” takes us after it’s divorced from God. It’s just another expression of Original Sin. And the university is the rash it’s broken out in.

If you can’t treat the root cause, you might as well treat the symptoms. We can’t cure Original Sin; but we can defund the colleges.


‘School “Investigates” 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime’ (2017)

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Could we please, please, please think again about re-opening our public schools?

Why re-consider it? Well, because of incidents like this:

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

The little girl was made the subject of an “investigation”–who do these maggots think they are–because she was slow to recognize and applaud some little boy’s “transitioning” into a phony parody of a girl. This was in California, of course, where else–there, “misgendering” is a crime. They’ll let you go scot-free for robbery, but don’t you dare use the wrong pronoun!

This is what our public schools have been doing, the last few years, and this is what they will go back to doing when we re-open them.

They won’t stop unless we stop them.

‘The Gender Unicorn’? Really?

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Fill in the blank and win a year’s supply of toothpaste sandwich cookies!

“I send my kids to public school to be ‘educated’ by far-out wackos because _______.”

A “teacher” at Denair Middle School, northern California, recently had to be stopped from handing out to his students a worksheet called “The Gender Unicorn,” which asks children about their “sexual preferences” and “sexual attractions” ( Wow. Produced by “Trans Student Educational Resources.” The “teacher” instructs his seventh and eighth grade students to call him “Mx.”, not “Mr.”

Why do we have people like this teaching in our schools, on our dime? Why do we have no say at all in what we have to pay for?

The principal said she stopped the, er, “lessons” because the alleged teacher didn’t ask her permission before imposing them… and the parents didn’t like it.

Well, gee, folks! How many times do we have to tell you what’s going on in public schools? Don’t you believe us yet? I say “we” and “us” because it’s thousands of people telling the truth and no one’s listening.

At some point it will be too late to save our culture, no matter what we do.

So let’s not get to that point, shall we?