Patty’s Return to the Supermarket

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My wife has COPD, which puts her in a very high-risk group for the Chinese Communist coronavirus. Consequently, it’s been six months since she’d been inside anywhere but our own apartment. That’s a long time to be cooped up, and it was getting to her.

So yesterday I urged her to shop with me today. “You need a change,” I said. “You need to see the interior of some place other than just this apartment. So come to the store with me. Wear your mask under your nose, so you can breathe, and your face shield, and come into the store and push a cart around–even if only for a few minutes. You can put all your stuff in my cart for checkout, so you won’t have to stand in line. It’ll do you good! After all, all those clerks have been there every day since March and none of them have gotten sick.”

And for once I was right. “I enjoyed that!” she admitted. “The other night I dreamed I went shopping again: that tells you how much I’ve missed it. I’m so glad I did this, and I’ll do it again on Monday!” Yeah, I think it pumped her up.

Getting back to normal life ought to be at the top of America’s to-do list.

8 comments on “Patty’s Return to the Supermarket

  1. Well, I’m happy to hear this. Of course, I didn’t know she hadn’t been out for so long, but I can certainly
    sympathize. I get a little down sometimes, not being able to do a lot of the things I did only a short time
    ago. Depression is not a good thing, and it is amazing how little it can take to put you in, or to take you out again. Blessings, Patty and Lee.

  2. Being sequestered at home is definitely driving people to distraction. It’s almost as if some evil opposer was using this pandemic to accomplish his evil ends.

  3. I’ve tried to not let it stop me from going out and living life as normal as possible. Granted, I’m healthy and relatively young. But it shouldn’t stop anyone from getting out of their houses, even if it’s just to take a walk. We also have our mental health to consider. I think this virus has made people hyper aware of something that has always existed. We live with this same threat every flu season, and just because we have flu shots doesn’t mean we still can’t get it and possibly die. That’s just the fallen world we live in. But we can’t be so afraid of dying that we forget how to live. My two cents.

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