September 11: How We’ve Changed

September 11, 2001: Lest we forget

I heard Rudy Giuliani on the radio today, fielding the question, “How has our country changed since September 11, 2001?” Let me paraphrase what he said.

We didn’t have millionaire athletes kneeling during the National Anthem to show their disdain for America.

We didn’t have riots all over the country, flag-burnings, shops vandalized and looted.

We didn’t have people ranting and saying bad things about America, what a no-good lousy racist country it is.

We didn’t have the nooze bashing the president day and night, every day and every night, and spouting lie after lie after lie.

To this I might add we didn’t have an entire Democrat Party trying to bring down our republic and openly siding with violent self-proclaimed “revolutionaries.” And untold thousands of brainwashed college students and their idiot professors slurping up the commie Kool-Ade.

And we weren’t staring down the barrel of a presidential election which would, if Democrats were (God defend us!) to win it, mark the beginning of our “fundamental transformation” into a banana republic.

The bad stuff won’t just stop if we can re-elect our president; but at least we’ll have a chance to slow it down.

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  1. Amazing the difference 19 years can make. What we are seeing today are remnants of the Obama administration still bearing rotten fruit. I firmly believe that with 4 more years of Trump we can begin to turn the tide.

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