‘Income Inequality’: 100% Pure Ignorance

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Leftids continue to blather about “income inequality,” as if it were some unnatural condition that the government can erase. Why anyone should listen to this is beyond me.

Why isn’t my income equal to Michael Jordans’s?

*There isn’t enough money in the world to make everyone’s income equal to Jordan’s.

*Michael Jordan had one-of-a-kind skills and charisma that other people valued very highly and were willing to pay high ticket prices to enjoy them. They would not pay those prices to witness anything you or I might do.

*Jordan wisely parlayed his basketball earnings into any number of very successful business ventures which continue to profit him years after his playing days are over. There are many other highly-paid athletes who very unwisely frittered their money away. Jordan has been very generous with his money, donating freely–much more so than any politician does, no matter how much they rant about inequality.

*Government, and the people in the government, have neither the skill, the knowledge, nor the character to redistribute wealth at all, let alone “fairly”. Too much of it sticks to their fingers.

*The only place where the inmates have income equality is the morgue.

I’m tired of getting emails from ninnies who think the solution to natural inequality is more statist coercion–which has never benefited anyone but its practitioners.




5 comments on “‘Income Inequality’: 100% Pure Ignorance

  1. There have been some experiments done with high school and college students in which students were asked whether they would agree to having all grades in their classes made equal by giving everyone a final grade of whatever the class average was. No one wanted this — they said it “wasn’t fair.” But most of these “no fair” students were the same ones who’d said it “wasn’t fair” that some people made more money than others.

    1. As Edgar Rice Burroughs once said, “Fun for ganaks, not gilaks.”
      I find that quoting him always creates an impression of high erudition.

  2. Quid pro Joe has it figured out. Everyone who makes over $400,000 a year pays an extra 2% of their earned money, and from this we give away all kinds of freebies so people feel like we are all equal. There should even be enough money left over to reconstruct all the skyscrapers. P.S. Joe is not to good at math.

    1. What if “the rich” decide they don’t want to be robbed, and just pack up and leave–like they’re doing in New York? Presto! No more tax base.

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