How to Achieve Income Equality

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Liberals are still crying crocodile tears over “Income Inequality.” Thanks to Income Inequality, blubbered the New York Times recently, you’ll never be able to drink the great wines.

Well, obviously what they want is “Income Equality“–everybody has the same income. Right then and there you know it’s poop. But if there were such thing as Income Equality, how would society achieve it? Always presuming the whole thing wouldn’t blow up into a war of all against all before the train even left the station. But in the absence of near-instantaneous chaos, how would you achieve Income Equality?

*Take money from The Rich and redistribute it. [Four-minute laugh break] If you think anyone will ever get their hands on any of Al Gore’s, the Clintons’, John Kerry’s, or Hollywood’s money, you are without brain function.

*Ask the super-rich (see above) to give away big chunks of their money to The Poor. Yeah, that’ll work.

When does my income get to equal Nancy Pelosi’s?

*Ooh-ooh! Simply print up lots and lots more money and hand it out to people until everyone’s a millionaire! And watch the price of a six-pack of Hebrew National hot dogs shoot up to $600.

*Let the government set the prices for every good and service known to the economy. So, like, charge a Rich guy $400 for a haircut but a Poor guy would only have to pay $4 for the same haircut. And watch the barber’s business fold. Another empty storefront!

Catch my drift? There is no way of achieving Income Equality. It’s a fantasy. The ways that have actually been tried never came close to working, and always did more harm than good.

And for Joe Biden to be yammering about Income Inequality, when he and his whole family have gotten disgustingly wealthy by selling government favors to foreign interests, some of them more than a little unfriendly to our country–how do we stand it? Is there any limit to our toleration?

‘Income Inequality’: 100% Pure Ignorance

How Michael Jordan Broke 'The Jordan Rules' | Bleacher Report | Latest  News, Videos and Highlights

Leftids continue to blather about “income inequality,” as if it were some unnatural condition that the government can erase. Why anyone should listen to this is beyond me.

Why isn’t my income equal to Michael Jordans’s?

*There isn’t enough money in the world to make everyone’s income equal to Jordan’s.

*Michael Jordan had one-of-a-kind skills and charisma that other people valued very highly and were willing to pay high ticket prices to enjoy them. They would not pay those prices to witness anything you or I might do.

*Jordan wisely parlayed his basketball earnings into any number of very successful business ventures which continue to profit him years after his playing days are over. There are many other highly-paid athletes who very unwisely frittered their money away. Jordan has been very generous with his money, donating freely–much more so than any politician does, no matter how much they rant about inequality.

*Government, and the people in the government, have neither the skill, the knowledge, nor the character to redistribute wealth at all, let alone “fairly”. Too much of it sticks to their fingers.

*The only place where the inmates have income equality is the morgue.

I’m tired of getting emails from ninnies who think the solution to natural inequality is more statist coercion–which has never benefited anyone but its practitioners.




‘The Ideology of Stupid’ (2013)

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If everybody’s poor, then everybody’s equal!

Leftism is the philosophical and political expression of Original Sin, so we’ll have to wait for the Lord Himself to get rid of it. But while we’re waiting, we ought to get rid of the Democrat Party. That’s one piece of leftism that we could consign to history, if we put our minds to it.

The Ideology of Stupid

The Biden campaign has yet to come out strong for “a solution to income inequality,” but they will, they will. It’s all moonshine and false promises that they won’t even try to keep; but that’s why they like it.

On Our Way to Utopia!

Most Common Kinds of Vehicle Accidents - Side Car

The Democrat governor of Castrovia (“Our 57th State!”), His Excellency Woody Winkie, has issued an emergency executive order that from now on, motorists in Castrovia must drive on the left side of the road instead of the right.

“I know it’ll be a little confusing for a day or two, and maybe cause a couple of minor fender-benders,” chuckled the governor, “but believe me, what with the White Virus ravaging the world, this is probably our best way to combat systemic racism.”

Changing the driving rules, he added, would also combat income inequality, Climate Change, white privilege, and belly-button lint.

“And if we need to do more, we’ll do more,” Winkie said. “The next step will be to declare the state’s official language to be Austrian.”

To vote for Gov. Winkie’s re-election by mail wherever you are, whoever you are, just send a note to the Castrovia Elections Collective.

‘”Equality Forever”‘ (2015)

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Somehow it always sticks in my craw to see a lot of posh liberals at a $10,000-a-plate political dinner, who got there in private jets and limousines, gassing about “income inequality” and the need for action by government–meaning their precious selves–to make everybody “equal.”

‘Equality Forever’

Yo–Nancy, John, Hillary, Bernie, and all the rest of you cheapskates! When is one of you gonna treat me to a house, or a new car? Hmmm…. oh, yeah: never. They’re wizards at doling out other people’s money, minus the great big gobs of it that sticks to their fingers. Sharing there own, not so much. Correction: not at all.

But in Congress and in our looniversities, having disastrously asinine ideas just makes you one o’ the boys.

‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2014)

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Are all of us invited?

Can anything possibly be less sincere than a bunch of rich-as-Croesus globalists, all of whom came there on private jets and limousines, gabbling about “income inequality”?

Ninnie Links ‘Climate Change’ to ‘Income Inequality’

Nah. Nothing can be as hypocritical as that. It’s the hands-down winner.

What? Does everybody in the world wind up with a mansion by the sea, a private jet, a stretch limo, and a Cayman Islands bank account? Give ’em all the power they want, and that’s our payoff?

Please don’t tell me they honestly expect anyone to believe them.

‘How to End Income Inequality’ (2014)

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When you see fabulously wealthy politicians and celebrities yapping their heads off about “Income Inequality,” you have to wonder if they’re quite all there. I mean, they could always give you half their money, to make you equal to them.

But they’d always rather give away someone else’s money.

How to End Income Inequality

Here is an example from history of a nation that actually achieved income equality, if only for a little while.

I think they hit upon the only way to do it.

‘The Magic of “Equality”‘ (2015)

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Why isn’t this man rich?

Somehow “income inequality” failed to become the hot campaign issue of the 2016 election–probably because it looks so freakin’ ridiculous when some gazillionaire politician complains about it and says that you, the hard-pressed taxpayer, ought to shell out more money so they can lavish it on ne’er-do-wells and sluggards.

Why do people in government make such preposterously extravagant claims? “We’re gonna create income equality! We’re going to stop the climate from changing! We’re gonna to direct the course of human evolution!”

Are these people quite all there?

And what’s wrong with us, that we allow liars and mountebanks to lord it over us?

‘Fantasy Disguised as Politics’ (2011)

Look at this–eight years ago, this item was posted, and the topic is still with us. Income equality! Hot dog! Democrats are going to give us Income Equality!

Aren’t we all a bit too old for fairy tales?

‘The Ideology of Stupid’ (2013)

I’m still waiting for them to show me how they’re going to make my income equal to Nancy Pelosi’s.