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‘”Equality Forever”‘ (2015)

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Somehow it always sticks in my craw to see a lot of posh liberals at a $10,000-a-plate political dinner, who got there in private jets and limousines, gassing about “income inequality” and the need for action by government–meaning their precious selves–to make everybody “equal.”


Yo–Nancy, John, Hillary, Bernie, and all the rest of you cheapskates! When is one of you gonna treat me to a house, or a new car? Hmmm…. oh, yeah: never. They’re wizards at doling out other people’s money, minus the great big gobs of it that sticks to their fingers. Sharing there own, not so much. Correction: not at all.

But in Congress and in our looniversities, having disastrously asinine ideas just makes you one o’ the boys.

‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2014)

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Are all of us invited?

Can anything possibly be less sincere than a bunch of rich-as-Croesus globalists, all of whom came there on private jets and limousines, gabbling about “income inequality”?


Nah. Nothing can be as hypocritical as that. It’s the hands-down winner.

What? Does everybody in the world wind up with a mansion by the sea, a private jet, a stretch limo, and a Cayman Islands bank account? Give ’em all the power they want, and that’s our payoff?

Please don’t tell me they honestly expect anyone to believe them.

‘How to End Income Inequality’ (2014)

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When you see fabulously wealthy politicians and celebrities yapping their heads off about “Income Inequality,” you have to wonder if they’re quite all there. I mean, they could always give you half their money, to make you equal to them.

But they’d always rather give away someone else’s money.


Here is an example from history of a nation that actually achieved income equality, if only for a little while.

I think they hit upon the only way to do it.

‘The Magic of “Equality”‘ (2015)

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Why isn’t this man rich?

Somehow “income inequality” failed to become the hot campaign issue of the 2016 election–probably because it looks so freakin’ ridiculous when some gazillionaire politician complains about it and says that you, the hard-pressed taxpayer, ought to shell out more money so they can lavish it on ne’er-do-wells and sluggards.


Why do people in government make such preposterously extravagant claims? “We’re gonna create income equality! We’re going to stop the climate from changing! We’re gonna to direct the course of human evolution!”

Are these people quite all there?

And what’s wrong with us, that we allow liars and mountebanks to lord it over us?

‘Fantasy Disguised as Politics’ (2011)

Look at this–eight years ago, this item was posted, and the topic is still with us. Income equality! Hot dog! Democrats are going to give us Income Equality!

Aren’t we all a bit too old for fairy tales?


‘The Ideology of Stupid’ (2013)

I’m still waiting for them to show me how they’re going to make my income equal to Nancy Pelosi’s.


Some Puzzling Facts

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Here are a few things that really puzzle me.

*I know two places where you can buy pigs’ ears. One is a pet store. The other, believe it or not, is a restaurant. I wonder if they also serve Fancy Feast.

*The people who make the most noise about carbon footprints and income inequality are all fabulously wealthy and travel in enormously polluting private jets.

*Atheists profess to be against all religion in general, but are only rude to Christians. They shut down our Christmas parade, but they wouldn’t dream of saying a word against the annual Hindu festival a few miles down the road.

*In a game of chess, when you are able to move either the one rook or the other, why do you always move the wrong one?

*Why does it always make it rain if you hang clothes out to dry?

Explanations, anyone?

So You Believe This Guy?

Honest John Kerry, now our secretary of state, formerly a senator and presidential wannabe, winner of three Purple Hearts without ever having to spend a day in the infirmary–Honest John Kerry, who prates and babbles all day, every day, about Global Warming and Income Inequality and The New Utopian Super-Nice Borderless World–

John Kerry is putting his $7 million yacht, Isabel, up for sale ( http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/inside_track/2016/06/john_kerry_unloading_yacht_that_made_waves ). You remember: that’s the yacht he ducked out of paying tax on, over $400,000 worth of money that the taxes of an untold number of regular people had to make up for.

Yo, John, when do I get a yacht? How do you propose to equalize incomes in your borderless world so that I can have a yacht and a mansion and a private jet, like you have?

And as for Saving the Planet, why, it would take me half a dozen very busy lifetimes to generate as big a Carbon Footprint as you do in a week.

It dazzles me, it flabbergasts me, that there is anybody out there so witless, so mentally inert, as to believe a single word spoken by the likes of Honest John Kerry. Land o’ Goshen, do you think he believes a single word he says? Do you really?

Our professional full-time rich-as-Croesus political class has got to go, lock, stock and barrel, the whole kit and kaboodle of them. They have lost their fear of God, and they laugh at and despise the undefended masses of people whom they lord it over.

The Lord rebuke them.

Flash! Centaur Sighting

Proof that Man-Made Anthropogenic Oh-Boy Climate Change is real, real, real:

Half a dozen people in a certain town–which must not be identified for fear that Biggits and Haters will show up there–and come to think of it, those people must not be identified, either–well, anyhow, just last night, they saw a centaur dash right across the main street of their town.

The source of this news report must not be identified in case the Climate Change Deniers should hassle them.

A prominent Scientist, identity withheld to protect him from a Vast Right-wing Conspiracy, said “Because centaurs are caused by Climate Change, Income Inequality, and Microaggression, and the problem can only be solved by giving absolute power to government agencies staffed by unelected bureaucrats, you’re going to see a lot more centaurs before the whole planet suddenly boils over just because you ignorant anti-Science ijjits out there were too cheap to pay a whopping great Carbon Tax.”

It is reported that the centaur ran right across the street in full few of half a dozen patrons coming out of a tavern at closing time, turned and made a rude noise at them, and then disappeared into an alley.

“It’ll be the Loch Ness Monster next,” remarked the unidentified Scientist. “Mark my words.”

Elfs Thay Are Reel!

Hear at Collidge we are alyaws exploring the frontears of knolidge. I nevver knew that elfs thay was reel untill i seen this hear viddio we seen it in Gender Studdies Class and my prefesser he “sayed well pittchers” thay dont lye!!

I bet yiu diddnt kno that elfs thay are caused by Climbit Chang and aslo bye Income Innaqualty, those are The things “that” wake the elfs up! Yuo can seee it rihgjt hear in The viddio! And iff that is not enugh to confince yuo i fuond another viddio let mee seee iff i can plug it into this hear post I wil bee rihgjt back!

Wel their now! yiu has seen it “for” yuosself! and If yiu was in collidge lyke i am and if yiu was a Interllectual lyke me yuo wuld kno it not a Hoax! Unles it was “that” Donold Trump he mihgjt do a Hoax becose he kno Hillery she is goinge to “be” Pressidant and so he try to cheet.

But Any interrlectural he can seee this Is True Sceintiffick Proof that elfs thay are reely reel! and thare going to bee a lott mor Elfs aruound unles thay pur them Climbit Chang Denyers in Prisn whare thay belong!

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