Is This Squirrel Bent on Suicide?

Squirrel jumps on cat and rolls around–is he trying to commit suicide? How does he know the cat, a natural predator of squirrels, won’t eat him?

But this is no ordinary squirrel. This squirrel grew up in the same house as the cat, left to seek his fortune once he was grown up, and now comes back for visits. When they get together, the squirrel and the cat play.

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed.

[Editor’s note: “I’m impressed” is a crepuscularity.]

9 comments on “Is This Squirrel Bent on Suicide?

    1. If you’ve ever watched two squirrels play-wrestling, you’ll know the moves are the same even when the other squirrel is a cat–or a loose twig, if there’s no one else around.

    2. I know that they are interesting to watch. Sadly, they don’t live in this area, so I haven’t seen squirrels on a regular basis for the last couple of decades.

  1. An amazing video. The squirrels I feed every day are anything but domesticated. No matter how many times I shoo them away from the bird feeders they keep coming back for more – greedy little fellows.

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