Cat Up a Tree

Wait’ll you see just how tall this tree is! What was that cat thinking? And of course some human had to go up there and rescue him. As in “Don’t even think of doing that without a thick canvas bag to put the cat into!”

One morning I looked out the bedroom window on the second floor and found our cat, Henry, looking back at me. He always climbed the tallest trees that he could find, but never needed any help getting down.

Come to think of it, Lord Jeremy Coldsore is up a tree and can’t get down…

3 comments on “Cat Up a Tree

  1. I have personally witnessed a cat falling 30’ off a lift pole for a meter loop and land safe and sound, purring a few minutes later. The significance of mentioning that it was a meter loop is that those are insulated, low voltage. Had it been a primary, 7,200 volt circuit, that would have been lethal.

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