Kittens Who Can Read and Write

Please excuse the headline. I don’t know what came over me.

My cats have outgrown running around with puffy tails and scaring imaginary rivals by hopping around sideways. I miss the puffy tail bit. But then a hog-nosed snake, after you’ve had it for a while, will refuse to inflate himself and play dead.

One comment on “Kittens Who Can Read and Write”

  1. Such ferocity, and such confusion when the opponent they are trying to scare matches them, move-for-move.

    My cat had her first encounter with a deer, today. She was out on her leash when a fawn, and then it’s mother, came into the yard. They were never closer than 40’ or so, but she crouched and watched intently, staring in the direction where she had last seen them, even several minutes after they left.

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