‘An Unintelligible Message’ (2016)

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I still don’t know what a minified exception is, or why it was necessary to warn me that one had occurred.

What is the blooming point of any message that sounds like Constable Chumley wrote it?

An Unintelligible Message

We have more communications devices and less communication than ever before in human history. Have you tried to talk to anyone who’s always up to his eyebrows in text messages? “Use the non-minified dev environment…” Gee, thanks for that advice!

What is our civilization’s chief problem? No, it’s not “systemic racism”!

It’s systemic idiocy–and good luck trying to solve it!

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  1. I am so put off by all that jazz, than I don’t even bother any more. Speak English to me, or just shut up.

  2. The manner of communication in our modern world can be summed up in one word: aggravating. You’re speaking with someone when suddenly you hear a beep beep, a jingle, a ding dong, a whatever and the someone pulls out a cellphone and looks at it and answers it just as you’re in mid-sentence. Or it’s a text message that has to be answered RIGHT NOW! As you watch that someone talk on the phone or text, you may begin to forget your train of thought, what it was you were saying to the someone. When the phone call ends or the text is sent off, you get, “Sorry, had to take care of that. And you were saying?” If you do remember where you were when the beep, beep interrupted, you’ll just continue on. But if you don’t, you’ll both probably start a new conversation and all the while you’ll be hoping that what it was you were saying before the interruption isn’t something that was all that important and needed to be told. At least, this is how it is in my world.

  3. That particular error message was probably from whatever programming package WordPress uses. The best thing to do with any error message and to copy it, and then search for that text string on the Internet. I program network equipment and telephone systems for a living and I use a search e fine to Interpret error messages on a regular basis. BTW, I prefer Duck Duck Go over Google. Duck Duck Go is much more respectful of privacy.

    1. Yesterday I worked on a telephone system in the US. On Friday, I worked on a firewall halfway around the globe. I work (remotely) on four continents on a regular basis and we are adding a major presence in SE Asia. As frustrating as computers can be, there’s a lot of satisfaction gained in the work itself. The best part is when I can solve a problem with a few minute’s effort. Captain Kirk has nothing on me. 🙂

  4. I went to a house warming party last night. About 25 friends and family sat around outside in chairs and enjoyed a feast of pulled pork, brisket, and all the goodies that go with it. Not one person was wearing a mask, and not one person got on their cell phone the whole evening – who says utopia does not exist 🙂

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