An Unintelligible Message

Lately when I go to edit my posts, I find this cryptic message, in red, displayed across the top of the page. See what you can make of it.

“Minified exception occurred, use the non-minified dev environment for the full error message and additional helpful warnings.”

It would take Daniel to figure this out, and I’m not him.

Should I be scared? Is something bad about to happen to my blog? Or even to my computer? As the message corresponds to no known variant of English, I have no idea what they’re trying to tell me–whoever they are. Aliens, maybe, who’ve monitored our radio and TV transmissions without coming close to understanding them.

I mean, what is the blooming point of issuing a warning to me that I can’t make head nor tail of? Even the Smothers Brothers made more sense than that. (“Why did you yell ‘Fire!’ when you fell into the chocolate?” “Because no one would’ve come if I’d yelled ‘Chocolate!'”)

Anybody out there able to interpret this? Standing by for further instructions.

6 comments on “An Unintelligible Message

    1. It’s still all gibberish to me. Can’t any of these computer types speak English? If it’s nonsense to you, Lisa, I don’t have a ghost of a chance.

  1. Lee, I googled it and apparently it’s HTML (computer programming language).
    I don’t know what it is; you may want to contact whoever it is that helps you with your blog. They might know something.
    I’m guessing that some part of the HTML was accidentally changed, somehow. Sorry I can’t be more specific, I don’t know anything about coding or programming.

    1. Like, if I’m supposed to duck because a wrecking ball is swinging at my head, somebody should yell “Duck!” Not “A minification error has occurred!”

  2. I suspect the gremlin than inhabits your particular blog has developed a fondness for margaritas. This will keep happening, perhaps, or it will just disappear, never to be seen again. Trust me!

  3. LOL – I can’t help you, but I love this article, having been in the same situation more than once. Nonsense is the new English.

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