An Embarrassment of Riches

The Witches - Everything Macbeth

“Excuse me–is this the Biden rally?”

Gee! Which bad nooze should I cover this morning? There’s so much to choose from! I guess that’s always the case when a country is teetering on the edge of destruction and its enemies are yelling “Jump! Jump!”

So what should it be? California Gov. Gavin Noisome pledging to phase out the internal combustion engine by 2035–does he plan to still be governor in 2035? Or how about that big-hearted Democrat governor of Virginia, who says whenever there’s a botched abortion, just let the baby die. And ooh-ooh! Michigan’s Democrat governor sez her state will be “carbon-neutral” by 2050! I know witches live a long time, but that’s ridiculous. And I’m not sure what, exactly, “carbon-neutral” means, but I suspect it has something to do with Them taking away your air conditioning.

Or I could just cover the riots, ’cause there’s always riots now–somehow that’s supposed to get Democrats elected–or the drive to canonize Ruth Bader Ginsberg, or maybe the latest Hunter Biden crime festival… How do you choose?

A prayer:

O Lord our God! For the sake of ten just men, you would have spared Sodom. For the sake of those of us who call upon your name, and pray to you for deliverance, spare our America! Your enemies are our enemies, O Lord: tread them underfoot, and knock their hands from our throats. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

5 comments on “An Embarrassment of Riches

  1. You about covered it all. A balloon can only hold so much air before it will pop. The American people can only handle so much lies and they will pop – that is what the Trump Train is all about. It is time to make America Christian again!

  2. For all the bad news happening, I believe there is room for optimism too. While the Left is getting worse they are also imploding. They have so painted themselves into a corner that all they have left is violence and intimidation. But it’s a sign they are desperate because they have no other options. I believe Trump will win reelection and reshape the Supreme Court for a generation. We may be able to even overturn Roe v Wade. The entertainment industry that has been corrupting the culture is collapsing due to the coronavirus. Bill O’Riley is saying cable news is going to collapse no matter who wins. The upside to the coronavirus also is they parents are getting more involved with homeschooling and learning what their children are being taught. People are rejecting social justice in sports and entertainment as evidenced by the dismal ratings of the NFL and Emmys. Also, out of all the turmoil this year I believe it has woken up Christians and the silent majority. We may very well start to see a turnaround.

    1. Thank you for posting that.

      There is, in my humble opinion, a battle being waged. Think in terms of Ephesians 6:12. This is a time for prayer and a time to be serious, but it’s also a time for hope. The Left have tipped their hand and I can’t help but believe that a lot of people have taken notice.

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