Cats Battle Noise Pollution

People don’t particularly like it when cats sing, especially on a warm night in February. They  yell and throw things at the cats.

Well, a lot of cats don’t care for humans singing. They can’t throw things, so they have found other ways to express their displeasure.

My cats like me to sing to them. But if I start playing my harmonica, they run away.

5 comments on “Cats Battle Noise Pollution

  1. That’s pretty funny. I had a cat that would complain loudly when he heard the click of the patch cord, which meant I was going to play my electric guitar. I had another cat that seemed to like the music, but didn’t like it when there was a drummer (which means everything is louder). The cat I have now seems to love music and will curl up a few feet away and listen, for as long as I play and/or sing. The other night, I was playing a classical guitar, acoustically, and she sat near me and listened for at least a half hour, looking very contented.

  2. Wow, you have an awesome cat. I never had a cat that seemed to care much for music. I had one that was fascinated in all animal shows on TV, but not music.

    1. She’s the perfect cat for me. I play music and I really appreciate that she doesn’t take off running when I turn on my guitar amp. My cat is my closest companion. As I write, we are out in the front yard, which is her time to enjoy the great outdoors as a cat rightly should, and my time to relax, which is not my strongest suit. That’s just one small example of how we benefit one another. I really appreciate that she enjoys music.

      BTW, she is also an enthusiastic viewer of animal videos on TV.

  3. It is great to have such loveable little creatures to care for and that care about us. When I was in high school, my cat would walk almost half way to the school just so she could jump up on my shoulder and ride the rest of the way home with me.

    1. Cats can be exceptionally sweet animals. I love when you call a cat and the come running and meowing at the same time. There are few things in life that give me as much enjoyment as the companionship of a cat.

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