Maskulimity it Has got To go!!!!

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This hear gye he wood “be” Oh-Kay iff he whuz a Wimmin!

Heer at Collidge our Stoodint Soviet we “has maid” A Grate Desission!!! We “are” goingto Out-Law Maskulimity and Ban it tooo!!!!

So fromb nhow On thare woont be enny Maskulimity heer,, all “the” mails thay whil has to ware Dresses and aslo lippstick and wotch chick Flicks al day!!!! and iff we ketch enny gye waring pants unlest It “is” “a” Pants Soot lyke Hilary he whil be In “big” trubble!!!!!! Sicks Munths of Sencertivvaty Traning!! and aslo he wil ottomatickly Flunk al his coarses!!!!

We “are” dooing This four Socile Jutstus!!! We hased one gye his naim it was Steeve and we maid himb chainge “It” to Looseel”!”

We has “lurnt” That al “the” Prombles of The Whorld thay “are” al cawsed by Maskulimity!! Poberty and dizzeez and War and beeing Short it is al The Fawlt of Maskulimity!!!! So iff yiu Get Ridd “of” that then yiu Get Ridd “of” evry-thing!!!!

Thjat it wil be Our Neckst Projjeck–geting Rid Of Evry-Thing!!!!

8 comments on “Maskulimity it Has got To go!!!!

  1. Oh dear, what will they do if a cis-woman decides to identify as a trans-man (i.e., a caricature of a man) and exhibits all those masculine attributes as part of xer identity? In fact, how do we know — and who gave us the right to judge — that the above illustration of the undershirted slob isn’t actually a trans man? To force that trans man to identify as non-masculine would be transphobic, would it not?

    Oops, I started to use logic. Shame on me. How whitesupremacist heteronormative patriarchal of me. I denounce myself. Will there be a show trial or an execution by Mostly Peaceful Protesters?

    1. I believe that, as well. They have no binding beyond their hatred for anyone that doesn’t go along with their agenda. We already see occasional conflicts within factions. I predict this will increase.

  2. If I had to guess why the left hates “toxic” masculinity, I’d say it’s because masculine males are the ones who would take up arms to fight against leftist authoritarianism. So they want to make males docile and easy to control. The whole concept of toxic masculinity is a farce. Hillary proves women can be just as toxic.

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