Gucci’s New Girly Dress for Men

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If you want a picture of the travesty described below, click the link. I prefer the image of a father cardinal tending to his babies.

Well, how about that–2020 just got worse.

Gucci is offering a $2,600 girly dress for men. Here’s what Gucci has to say about it.

“This tartan smock in delicate colors reflects the idea of fluidity explored for the Fall Winter 2020 fashion show, disrupting the toxic stereotypes that mold masculine gender identity” (

Why would any woman ever marry a Gucci man? If you can even call him a “man.”

Getting rid of toxic stereotypes by creating new toxic stereotypes–brilliant.

I just remember I was going to write Joe Collidge today. We’ll have to see if I can manage it.


18 comments on “Gucci’s New Girly Dress for Men

  1. I would not give the time of day to a “man” in a girly dress. I like men who know who they are, and are satisfied to be who God created them to be. I think this whole thing is so ridiculous. Satan will stop at nothing to disgrace everyone. He hates us all.

  2. This is amazing; just this morning I woke up thinking that I needed to find a way to rid myself of toxic stereotypes that mold masculine gender identity. I was going to degrease my chainsaw, but this has made me rethink matters. 🙂

    1. Never turn your back on a chainsaw. 🙂

      Seriously, this talk about toxic masculinity really amazes me. Many men are able to be both masculine and still kind, loving and understanding. Not all men are chasing women day and night, many are faithfully monogamous and treat women with respect. I will agree that there are men out there that are not so nice, but there are plenty of fine examples, even in our day.

      Sadly, I see many younger men that seem to deliberately avoid masculinity. I don’t know why.

  3. In Jesus’ day men wore robes, but in 2020 America men do not wear dresses. Life was just fine before some perverted intellectuals came up with the idea of gender fluidity, as well as PhDs who claim to be scientists and agree with this – what a farce.

    1. It’s what makes this era of history uniquely awful. I mean, anyone can come up with a world war; but it takes real perversity to beget genderism.

  4. I wasn’t a fan of men getting manicures or driving tiny cars that look like they’ll cry if they get a scratch. Now, that somehow seems more accepting than this. That must be how conditioning works.

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