Update on the Update

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Twenty-four hours after initiating a routine maintenance chore, the computer I normally work with is still out of the saga, hors de combat, non-functional, doesn’t freakin’ work, etc. etc. It is still configuring! Can you say “configuring”? I have no idea what that means in computer lingo; plain English won’t help you out of that labyrinth.

Patty is cautiously optimistic that it’s almost done having a breakdown or whatever else you call it when you approve an update and the whole thing turns into Nadler. Well, that would be wonderful indeed if she were right. Then I could go back to trying to get my Share button back.

I’d like to put up a couple more posts today; but I’d also like to go outside and have a cigar before it starts to rain.

Meanwhile, we can all be thankful that no one is serious about basing public policy on computer models. Especially just before an update.

4 comments on “Update on the Update

  1. If you press Ctrl-Atl-Delete, it will bring up a menu which allows you to open task manager. Do that, find the Firefox upgrade task/process and kill it. Restart the computer and try again. If that doesn’t work, repeat the steps above and the remove Firefox and reinstall it from scratch.

    1. While I was out soaking my head, Patty somehow got the job finished and I’m back in the saddle again–hooray!
      Thanks for your advice: that was pretty much what she did. How she figured it out is a complete and utter mystery to me.

    2. P.S.–She did that before I read your comment. It seems great minds think alike.
      I stink at computers, but I do have the support of a heckuva brain trust–Patty, you, and Jill.

  2. There are some common elements to working on Windows computers, and another set of simple techniques to working on Macs. I’m a Mac guy, but use Windows daily in my work. Neither system is trouble free. It’s much like the situation when the automobile was coming into common use in the 20th century. When I was a child, very few people would do their own auto maintenance, but as time passed people learned their way around the mechanical and electrical systems that make an automobile function. Computers are much the same; most work can be done at home, but the not everyone realizes this, yet.

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