Putting Us Back in Our Playpens

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Goose-step your way to healthy living!

Well, here comes the Pro-choice crowd with yet another tyrannical restriction of our choices! All they ever do is take away your choices.

This time it’s the Berkeley City Council, which has voted unanimously to ban “unhealthy foods” from the city’s supermarkets (https://www.berkeleyside.com/2020/09/23/berkeley-will-be-first-in-the-nation-to-ban-candy-soda-at-checkout-aisles). You won’t be able to choose to buy a candy bar because that choice will have been taken away from you. No candy or soda allowed! Verboten!

Where do you go to tunnel out of this place?

Crowed one of the tinpot tyrants on the council, this is “really good behavior economics!” What the hell is that? Who gave these little Mussolini wannabes any kind of authority over what anybody else wants to eat?

Jabbered another, Berkeley is now “a world leader in healthy living!”

What kind of spineless worms consent to be governed by such fat-heads? Who wants to live in a place where they won’t let you buy a Dr. Pepper?

Sheesh! And I thought Joe Collidge was only joking when he was talking about getting rid of everything.

7 comments on “Putting Us Back in Our Playpens

    1. At least you don’t have to worry about being charged with cultural appropriation. But we are both perpetrators of Systemic Racism. Can I add that I’m proudly Transphobic?

    2. I dunno. The mesquite are said to be organizing against me and my hetero-normative chainsaw. 🙂

      Gotta run. It’s time for my Paranoiacs Anonymous meeting. If I miss, I just know that they’ll spend the whole time talking about me. 🙂

  1. Check out Florida for a contrast. Gov. DeSantis has lifted all the state’s coronavirus restrictions. Now, how is that for good news. And here is some more good news. As the Prayer March in D.C, ended it’s all day event of praying to God, President Trump nominates Amy Coney Barett to the Supreme Court to replace the most stringent advocate of legalized abortion (I won’t even type her name).

    1. I do hope the wishy-washy Senate GOP finally understands that confirming this nominee is something that absolutely positively have to do. If they blow this, or let it drag on till after the election, many of us will desert them–for good. And we’ll have to go to the trouble of founding and building up a new political party that actually serves us.

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