Dementia Cases Expected to… Triple?

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Here’s a really alarming story that we missed somehow when it came out in 2017.

According to a press release by the World Health Organization (, cases of dementia, worldwide, can be expected to triple in the next 30 years, from 50 million to over 150 million.

In 2017 the cost of dementia in the United States was $818 billion–and it may be expected to climb to $2 trillion in the foreseeable future.

There are several kinds of dementia, but the most common–and the worst–is Alzheimer’s Disease.

We cannot handle this without God’s help. We aren’t exactly coping with it now. A crisis like this calls for strong families, strong churches, and strong communities. Simply making the government bigger, and funding bigger and costlier bureaucracies, will not accomplish anything.

Hollowing out our culture will leave us defenseless.

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  1. The government, and the medical system together can’t do much good about anything. Their predictions are pretty much useless. If they say, 30 years? Who knows if we have 30 more years. The Lord is the only true healer.

  2. They don’t say why it’s expected to increase. A lot of it goes back to diet and lifestyle choices. Alzheimer’s is a type of diabetes. If people were too cut back on the processed foods, sugars, and carbs, do intermittent fasting to avoid insulin resistance, and hit the gym it would go a long ways to reducing these predominantly Western maladies.

    1. I think you nailed it. Before I got married, I fasted, ate at least somewhat judiciously and had health that was enviable. Then I married someone that was naturally slender and she could never comprehend that I had to be careful and plan my eating. It caused a lot of tension. For those years of my life, I was very unhealthy. Truly, at 35 I was much worse off than I am now, at 65. Eventually, she decided to go her own way and I found that when I could once again manage my eating, my health improved dramatically.

      I intend to continue to manage my diet this way, and find that I feel much better when I eat breakfast and lunch, but skip dinner, which amounts to an 18 hour fast every day. The thing is, it only works if everyone in the house is onboard. In this case, the cat and I are in agreement, so she’s not about to try to tempt me to break my eating plan.

    1. It seems to be more prevalent among diabetics and those with a big “sweet tooth”. There are alternative health series on how to prevent and deal with this. PLEASE don’t look to most doctors. Look up Dr Mercola, Mike Adams, and Dr Jonathan Landsman.

  3. Haven’t we discovered yet that these models are useless? Besides, they’re predicting numbers of cases without specifying a per capita ratio, so the increase may just be the natural outcome of an increasing older population — aging boomers, for example. But again, they’re assuming an average life span based on the current average, when in fact the population that would be most vulnerable may die earlier instead of getting to the age when dementia usually sets in. Too many variables not factored in — or at least not reported in the article.

    1. Well, it is the World Health Org, so whatever they say, we have to take with a wheelbarrow of salt. Even so, there’s too much smoke for there to be no fire. If only for purely humanitarian reasons, our scientists (if they still are scientists, and not just politicians’ puppets) need to find some better ways to deal with this.

  4. I would agree: the WHO is a joke, but not a very funny one. Some of this is probably attributable to an aging population. Some is probably the Western diet and lack of exercise is a massive problem.

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