Minneapolis: ‘Defund Police’ Isn’t Working

Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To 'Dismantle' Police  Department : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR

Not such a good idea, after all

Who here is surprised when a city’s crime rate shoots into the stratosphere after the municipal government pledges to “defund police”?

The Minneapolis City Council, with a great deal of fanfare, did this three months ago–and now they seem to be trying to say they didn’t really mean it (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3888541/posts). So now they’re waffling about “interpretation” and “the spirit” of their assertions, they weren’t really claiming that a brigade of social workers can actually replace the police.

But crime is up, way up, in many Democrat-controlled cities, especially wherever the government has openly turned against its own police force–and we’re not even counting the riots. What are the rioters going to do if those city councils change their minds?

When it comes to advocating outright insanity as public policy–look before you leap.


3 comments on “Minneapolis: ‘Defund Police’ Isn’t Working

  1. This is what happens when children who’ve been raised on video games, leftist abstractions, and participation trophies “grow up” (chronologically only) and get to run a city. They’ve never been faced with reality (which they’ve been told doesn’t exist anyway), just platitudes and virtue-signaling. In their classrooms, they’ve received top grades for having “noble” intentions and the approved emotional impulses. In their video games, if a game crashes or they’re about to lose, they just reset to default and start over. But in the real world, once you burn down a neighborhood it doesn’t get rebuilt overnight. Sometimes it doesn’t get rebuilt at all. When you beat people up, they stay beaten up and sometimes die. When you wreck an economy, you can’t keep buying all the goodies you’re used to. And when you do away with the police, there’s no one to call when someone is beating YOU up or wrecking YOUR car or house.

    Besides, eventually you get old. But youngsters (by which I mean anyone under 60) don’t think they’ll ever get old. 😉

  2. Left is learning ideas have consequences and that writing on legal paper something doesn’t mean it will be like they think it will on their fictional view of reality!

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