‘John Legend’ Sez He’ll Leave if Trump is Re-Elected

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Promises, promises. They always promise to leave if a Republican president is elected. And then they never do. You wake up in the morning and they’re all still here.

The current big blob of walking, talking nothing who’s making such a promise is one “John Legend,” whom I never heard of till the other day: if President Trump is re-elected, he’s outta here ( https://www.jpost.com/american-politics/musician-john-legend-says-americans-will-leave-the-us-if-trump-reelected-643606). If only. I’d pay for his ticket if he meant it. But they never mean it.

Mr. Nothing blames the president for “so much loss of life” in the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus Pandemic and accuses him of trying to “destroy democracy.”

Last time it was the talking ashtray, Miley Cyrus, threatening to leave–and of course she didn’t, because they never do.

Hello! Is there any country out there who wants our liberals?

10 comments on “‘John Legend’ Sez He’ll Leave if Trump is Re-Elected

  1. All this whining about “our democracy” when we do not have a democracy, we have a republic. (or at least, we are supposed to). If they had brain one, they might look into that and do a little study.

  2. I never heard of him before, either. But I did read that he’s just bought a multi-million-dollar house, so we know how serious his promise to go away is. Too bad, I suppose — but then again, I never heard of him before, so I wouldn’t miss him if he left.

  3. To them, Trump-era prosperity is worse than Venezuela-style communism and poverty.
    These fat heads imagine that in such a country, if they help to create it, they will be the top dogs telling all us little folk what to do.

  4. I don’t really know much about this performer. Reading the Wikipedia article about him, I get the impression that the Free Market system has treated him well. I’m not impressed by the mentality which would name oneself “Legend”. I don’t mind stage names, which are sometimes a necessity if one has a complicated name which is difficult to pronounce, remember or spell, but I don’t particularly care for stage names which seek to elevate the importance of the individual involved. In the sixties and seventies, many musicians used their actual names, even if they were not marquee friendly. I always appreciated that.

    So he’s going to boogie if Trump is re-elected. Great! Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. Of course he won’t. Like countless other virtue-signaling performers, he will quietly back away from this boast. You can count on that. But, in the meantime, it makes a great press release and is a source of cheap publicity. It signals virtue, to some mindless acolytes, and that’s valuable enough, for his purposes. Take about shallow and transparent.

  5. I listen to John Legend’s music but he otta keep his trap shut when it comes to civics. Don’t he know that half the country loves what Trump do and besides America is how Legend makes all that money. The federal government is not here to rule us in some kind of universal democracy. Let California be the socialist paradise he wants, that is fine by me. I would love to see these liberal wackos make good on their promises to leave someday. Where they gone to go anyway? That’s one way to make America great again have these nut suckers leave. I can listen to him if he records in Venzuala any how.

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