‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex with the Earth”‘ (2017)

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What could be a bigger waste of money than college?

Why, oh, why are we paying hard-earned money to idiots and lunatics to (ahem!) “educate” our sons and daughters?

And how much are we paying out to clowns like this?

Even More Incredible: ‘Have Sex with the Earth’

We probably have about ten times as many “universities,” ten times as many professors and instructors, as any civilization can possibly need. It would be a giant step toward sanity to close them down. Not all of them. Only 90% of them.

There is no excuse for” teaching” schiff like this.

8 comments on “‘Even More Incredible: “Have Sex with the Earth”‘ (2017)

  1. Talk about a big bunch of nothing! These people aren’t even able to come up with stupid ides anymore. The ideas would have to improve to be up to the standards of stupidity.

  2. This ingenious professor has a documentary titled “Water Makes Us Wet.” Some people are obsessed with race, and some like this professor are obsessed with sex. I wonder if she got her teaching credentials in the study of Freud?

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