Toldja! Face Masks Forever

Mayor De Blasio Announces Open Restaurants Will Return Next Summer

Where’s your mask, genius?

Remember when we were all gonna be locked down–for our own good, of course, as determined by The Wise–for just long enough for them to “flatten the curve” of the Chinese Communist Death & Doomsday Virus? It was only going to be for a few weeks.

But that was six months ago, going on seven, and large chunks of America are still held in varying degrees of lockdown.

People are fleeing New York in droves, and maybe they’ll come back someday and maybe they won’t. And here’s what Mayor Bill de Blasio has to say about it:

“[W]e’re not done until we hit zero” cases (

Dude! That will never happen! There will never be zero cases! Because the damned thing is out now, it’s part of our environment, and we’re flaming well stuck with it.

We toldja, though, didn’t we? Toldja Democrat politicians want some degree of lockdown, face masks, and social distancing forever. Maybe a steady stream of riots, too–icing on the cake.

Keep this up, boys, and you’ll turn New York City into a ghost town. What a proud achievement for you! A perpetual testimony to the utter lunacy of allowing “progressives” to govern human beings.

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  1. Nope, zero cases are never going to happen. This is all about power and control and it will last as long as the people are willing to put up with it. de Blasio is one of the worst mayors in America, and that’s saying a lot.

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