‘Big Brother Is Listening… and He’s an Idiot’ (2017)

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That nice man on the television told Alexa to buy this for us!

Do you like being spied on by robots–your every move, your every word, reported to–well, you don’t know that, do you?

Big Brother is Listening… and He’s an Idiot

Okay, so “Alexa” is a mindless machine and does things without thinking about them because that’s what it’s been programmed to do. And isn’t that funny, tee-hee, you just got this expensive doll house that you never ordered!

But the purpose of these “smart” devices, the bottom line, is to spy on you and collect information for someone who wants either your money or your life. I make a point of not having them in my home.

Then again, they’ll know where to find me when they want to break some eggs for their socialist omelet.

5 comments on “‘Big Brother Is Listening… and He’s an Idiot’ (2017)

  1. They definitely have our number. If we ever go looking for any product, our inbox is filled with ads for it
    forever. Or, anything remotely similar, for that matter.

  2. Marketing information is very, very valuable, and that is the driving force for all of these sorts of devices. Before the era of the smartphone, I used a Motorola Star-Tac, which had a removable battery, so I was in control of when the phone had access to power. No more, these days. Home devises, like Alexa, and smart devices are greedy devourers of information and we never know when they are listening or what they are doing with that information. Literally, heaven help us.

  3. Speaking of smart, Trump let everyone know in last night’s debate that the adjective smart does not apply to Biden 🙂 . The left is calling for burning it all down, but it is God who is about to burn them down. This is a time of true repentance and praying 2 Chronicles 7:14. There is a rude awakening before the Great Awakening.

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