Progress Report: ‘Behold!’

His Mercy Endureth Forever

I’ve just finished writing another chapter set of Behold!, Book No. 14 of my Bell Mountain series. Meanwhile, No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, is kind of clunking along and No. 13, The Wind from Heaven, is being edited and needs cover art.

I’ll have to get this chapter set typed up and sent to Susan for editing, and then write fast to get it done before the weather gets too cold. This is hard because I don’t yet know how the story is going to turn out. The Lord hasn’t yet given me that.

There are readers who say “Enough already, put Bell Mountain to bed.” Others say, “Oh, no–keep going!” But it’s not entirely up to me. I can only write what the Lord gives me. And at this point I’ve been writing these books long enough not to know what I’d do without them. I admit it: I would miss them. A lot.

And I hope some of you would, too.

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    1. After I wrote that post, and went outside to work on “Behold!”, the Lord gave me a major breakthrough! With just a little more help from Him, I’ll be able to tell the whole story. This has really pumped me up.

  1. Awesome. I just remembered a beautiful song: It’s Beginning to Rain. There are several different versions on youtube.

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