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Would some of you please see if you can view my post, “The Third Most Common Nightmare”? WordPress gave me the devil’s own time with it today, first making it disappear, then somehow posting it while I wasn’t looking.

It was posted an hour ago and shows Zero views. That’s unheard-of. Where did they publish it–Mars? Or did they just publish it without issuing notifications to readers? Yeesh! I’m having enough trouble trying to get this blog back to normal–unwanted mysteries, I don’t need!

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  1. It shows up for me. I have had comments vanish, myself. I’m not a Sys-Admin, and certainly not much of a web developer, but the mistakes WordPress seems to make on a startlingly regular basis look like something out of a Three Stooges movie.

    They seem to have a lot of problems with AAA, Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. Authentication is simply a big word for logging on. They seem to be doing better than they were a few months back, but for quite a while, their Authentication reeked.

    Authorization means what you can do once you logon. Lee owns the site, so he can do more than I can, as a mere user. I don’t think that WordPress explains this well to their users. Because I live in the world of AAA every day, I can navigate their site, but they could do better.

    Accounting? Well that’s their ability to track what is going on so I can’t really comment, other than to say that, at best, they strike me as having a remedial understanding of what is involved in operating a site in such a way as to make these processes as transparent as possible, for the ultimate users.

    Sadly, one someone is committed to a site, leaving can be complex and it’s easy to lose accumlated posts, data, etc. WordPress should face their responsibilities in a more effective manner.

    1. I ran an IT department, all but single-handedly, for nearly 20 years. Some call it experience, but I prefer to think of it as battle scars. 🙂

    2. That reminds me of a famous newspaper typo that described a general as “a bottle-scarred veteran.” Pressed to correct it, they then came up with another: “a battle-scared veteran.”

    3. IT has produced a few bottle-scarred veterans, too.

      If you take an angry cat in for treatment, you could end up with a battle-scarred veterinarian. 🙂

  2. I got it OK, got a phone call interruption, so forgot to respond. Don’t remember what I was going to say, but only that I loved school, so I wouldn’t expect bad dreams to be about that. I do have some kooky dreams sometimes, and some good, some bad, but not like I had when I was younger, like the ones about driving wildly down a narrow, curving road, etc.

    1. Have you ever been driving a car and the brakes failed? I have. Good thing I was going rather slowly at the time. It’s not a nice feeling when the brake pedal goes all the way down to the floor and nothing happens.

  3. I’ve had one or two of my comments disappear on occasion. And I still think WP is under-counting (or not counting at all) your views. I view all your posts, even if I don’t have time to comment — or anything worth saying. 🙂 So if you’ve been getting zero views on some posts, that means WP has been ignoring at least one viewer, i.e., me. Some nerve. (Pout, pout.)

    Cute little lizard, though. What kind is it? (Good thing Lydia can’t see it!)

    1. It’s a chameleon (can’t tell what species–I’m a little weak on chameleons).
      Patty is convinced that WP is not counting all the views. They’ll never admit they have a problem. If they do, I pray they’ll fix it.

    2. Good point Phoebe. If they are unable to get posts online, in a timely fashion, why would we believe that their accounting is accurate. WordPress should hire me; and I promise you, many new fast-food careers would be launched soon thereafter, because they are not doing a competent job in many areas.

      BTW, Phoebe’s post didn’t show up on the blog until well after I got the notification email.

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