You Won’t Believe This Latest COVID Crapola

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Are they gonna treat dogs the way they treat us?

Really–this has to stop. But of course Democrats have no intention of it ever stopping. The Great Virus Panic is their ticket to ride–the universal excuse for screwing around with other people’s lives. For instance:

California Governor Gavin Noisome says if you’re going out with your family to eat at a restaurant, “Don’t forget to keep your mask on between bites” (

How long are we supposed to live like this? How long are we supposed to put up with this? You’d think we’d be ashamed to be governed by such nimrods. You’d think we’d cry “Enough! Enough!” and send them packing.

Heaven help us, it’s all been in my lifetime, all this culture rot. We’ve become the Democrats’ squeaky toy. They weren’t able to corral us with Climate Change, but the Doomsday Virus did the trick. They love what it’s letting them do to our country!

May Christ Our Lord deliver us out of their hands.

8 comments on “You Won’t Believe This Latest COVID Crapola

  1. “Leave your mask on between bites — but don’t handle your mask or touch your face!” Not to mention dropping or dribbling food particles onto the mask while putting food in your mouth or chewing. Ah well, as the saying goes, the issue is never the issue; the issue is the revolution. And chaos and confusion are the means to the revolution.

  2. The traitor Jane Fonda (of course a big Biden supporter) says the Wuhan Virus was a God-send to the Left. Interpretation: her god Satan sent it so we can all be enslaved to Socialism.

    1. Notice they no longer make even the slightest effort to disguise themselves. Rooting for a virus to mow down their countrymen–all in a day’s work for a liberal.

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