An Important Announcement from Uncle Shinbone

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G’day! Uncle Shinbone here with Byron in the main foyer of Abombalbap Hall on the campus of Quokka University. Don’t you love the way the roots come down from the ceiling? I can’t wait to see the main lecture hall when it’s finished.

Well, if you’re not quokka’d out by now, I’m here to tell you I counted 363 views yesterday, so that’s two days in a row over 300 and now, today, we’ll see if I can make good on my pledge to count 300 or more views per day for three days in a row. You should hear all the wallaroos whispering, “It’s only old Shinbone! He’ll never do it!”

Well, I think I can, and “Fap!” to the lot of  ’em!

4 comments on “An Important Announcement from Uncle Shinbone

  1. If Uncle Shinbone were a Democrat in America, he wouldn’t have to wait for the views to come in. He’d just issue whatever count he wanted. 🙂 But hey, Uncle Shinbone, we’re all doing our part!

    Beautiful decor in the foyer, by the way. The campus is coming along nicely.

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