Remember This? ‘Belonging to’ the Government

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Like medieval serfs, we toil every day to make our lords and masters even richer and more powerful than they already are. No one comes home poor from Capitol Hill.

They are public servants. They’re looking out for us. Uh-huh.

But every now and then the mask slips. Every now and then the truth comes out. One such moment occurred during the 2012 Democrat Convention, when a video proclaimed,

“Government’s the only thing we all belong to.”

And boy, O boy, haven’t we seen the truth of that, this year! We must literally belong to the government. they own us. Otherwise, how else could they so easily shut down thousands of our businesses, force us to wear masks and stand six feet apart at all times–

Except if you’re participating in a riot. COVID won’t touch you if you’re rioting.

–And shut down our churches, our lousy public schools that we pay for (no loss, that!), and all of it without even a hint of legislation: all of it by Mandates handed down by the masters.

They can do that because we all “belong” to them.

And we let them do it to us. We must be freakin’ crazy.

When any government loses its fear of the people, tyranny is only a breath away.

7 comments on “Remember This? ‘Belonging to’ the Government

  1. I sure hope they get their comeupance in the election, and not only Federal, but State also.

  2. That’s been par the course for the history of the world. The United States was the exception to the rule. A Republic, if you can keep it.

  3. We might want to all move to Florida where Gov. DeSantis says to go ahead and fill up the stadiums as he lifts all coronavirus restrictions. Hey, Sweden did it all along (while they protected the most vulnerable) and they are doing as good as anyone else with the Wuhan Virus. While BLM burns the American flag maybe we should burn our face masks.

    1. There is a second wave in Europe right now in terms of cases, though the death rate is low. It’s proof that quarantines don’t work because as soon as you let people out it comes right back. Best just to tough it out and let it take its course, while protecting the most vulnerable. The alternative is to quarantine everyone forever, which would be just fine for the authoritarians.

      I’ve said many months back that even though Sweden’s deathrate was the highest among the Scandinavian countries at the time, they would be in a much better position in the future. So far that appears to be true. Their economy is intact and enough people have had it to build up herd immunity.

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