I Need a Rest

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I am tired out, bushed, pooped, a spent force, out of gas, etc. etc. I’ve done everything I can think of to rally viewership back to this blog, and none of it has worked.

Now all I want to do is sit outside with my cigar and a crossword puzzle. And then watch a scary movie.

Well, resting is not such a bad thing. Gotta re-charge the batteries. And who knows? Maybe while I’m just farting around, a few readers will send in fantastic comments that get the whole board lit up–it wouldn’t be the first time my readers have done that. Maybe I’ll get a message from WordPress: “Yo, dude, we’ve fixed it! You can use your share button!”

I leave you with this thought.

Why does Joe Biden wear those Cool Hand Luke shades every time he goes outside? And why has not one, ahem, “journalist” asked him about it? What’s he hiding?

I will publish the three most interesting answers!

8 comments on “I Need a Rest

  1. The enhancement drugs they are giving Biden whenever he has to leave the bunker and go out in public make his eye sensitive to the sunlight. He could switch to evening events but he puts a lid on politicking as early in the day as he can.

    1. It definitely seems like a put-up job. That’s strange. The last candidate, Hillary, appeared to have Parkinson’s Disease and we have some interesting video evidence, such as an apparent oculogyric crisis at the convention (which happens in Parkinson’s or can be cause by levadopa used to control Parkinson’s) and her near collapse at the 9/11 memorial event. A lot of people, myself among them, questioned whether she would have been able to be functional. In the end, the votes decided.

      Now this guy comes along, and he appears to be obviously out of it at times. Why can’t the Dems come up with anything but unhealthy candidates?

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