A New and Slimy Scam

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So my wife picks up the phone this morning and hears a solemn, dreary female voice intone, “This call is from Social Security Administration–” Here Patty hung up.

Note the absence of the “the.” Not the Social Security Administration. Like, maybe there’s more than one?

I wonder what the pitch would have been. Were they angling for confidential information–so helpful in any enterprise involving identity theft–or would they try to sell us something? Maybe sign us up for a time share at Chernobyl.

We probably get half a dozen of these calls a day, and sometimes more. Law enforcement seems unable to stem the tide. The telephone has become a burglary tool–or are they just into pure harassment?

Boy, there are a lot of creeps out there.

7 comments on “A New and Slimy Scam

  1. Some time last year, I started getting a rash of robocalls supposedly from Texas to tell me that my Social Security number was being used fraudulently at the border, and to demand (it was a very authoritative female voice sounding like a cop giving orders) that I press one to talk to an agent or that I call back about this very serious matter. Yes, sure, border agents always lead off tracking calls about fraud with impersonal robocalls, right? I let all these calls, which grew increasingly portentous in tone, go to voice mail, and I noticed that almost all of them were coming from the same exchange (first three digits after the area code) but all different last four digits. Yeah, right, again. I’m sure they had a dozen different desks calling me because the whole Border Patrol agency was so concerned about poor little me. After a couple of days, the calls stopped. They probably try to get people to call back all nervous and scared and then they ask the victim to recite her SSN to “verify” that she’s really the owner of the number or something.

  2. I use a blocking app on my smartphone, for this very reason. It has helped. Never answer a call if you don’t recognize the Caller ID. They can leave a message.

  3. I know an elderly woman who recently answered the phone and was talked into giving the person who called $14,000 because she was promised a new Mercedes Benz – and he was such a nice man. Fortunately her son was able to get her money back.

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